Free eBooks for the November Rush

Dear Subscribers,

Thanks for the attention during these stressful holidays. Did you know that people who have “fun” during the holidays also stress out? Yes, the so-called “extroverts” of life. They want to be noticed so much that there’s not enough time in the days to visit, go to parties, and do all the other joyful activities that the holidays MUST BRING (or else?). A friend of mine keeps her Christmas decorations up 1/2 of the year she loves these holidays so much.

At any rate, we introverts (I’m a “thinking type” what are you?), enjoy chilling out and enjoying others, observing, taking notes, and sometimes coming out with “mike dropping comments” about it all. For example, here’s my “mike drop comment” about a very deep essay written in 1933 by a Norwegian Nihilist (who wouldn’t be a nihilist in 1933?). In fact, I write a lot of stuff (what the late George Carlin might call “brain droppings”) on my website blog. Enjoy (or not) at your leisure.

As for the free crime and mystery novels offered (above), my free story The Weeping Willow Caper, is being gobbled up like Thanksgiving gravy, and I thank you very much for that! In fact, as an author, I enjoy writing both pulp fiction and literary fiction.

For example, here’s a literary story, Room 306, I wrote about the day Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in Tennessee. If you don’t want to pay the moolah, and you live in California, you can read it at the American Library Association’s free Biblioboard app online.

Finally, as a holiday bonus from me, here’s a free fantasy tale Rings and Dragon Dreams that made my very best friend from Norway, Lillian Haugland, cry. That was enough reward for me!

Continue with your holiday shopping, hopping, and freaking out. As you were, as we used to say in the Navy. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

James Musgrave

San Diego, CA

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