Future Readers


I enjoyed reading one of the articles coming out after the London Book Fair, 2015, and it was written by the CEO of my distribution arm, Vearsa.  In the article, Gareth Cuddy points out that unless publishers invest in new digital innovations for the future, they will be playing catch-up when those innovations become reality.  He also implies in his article that innovation often comes from unlikely sources.

I like to believe joining Gareth and his hearty crew at Vearsa will put my little pirate ship (watch what you say there, Jim) on the map to treasure island.  I like to call the marriage of eBook creation and mobile devices the “chocolate meets peanut butter” phenomenon.  We’ve developed not only a way for indie publishers to create their eBooks and their marketing tools (ePub3 promotional books), we have also married with a distribution system that’s ready to go where the newest developments in eBook technology go (Vearsa).  At EMRE, we believe readers will want to read on their mobile devices and not only that, but they’ll also want to read multimedia content on their devices.  That’s because these ePub3 eBooks are created to utilize all the cool videos, playlists and other content that are inside our publications to entertain our eReaders.

Our Embellisher™ Mobile Creation and Marketing System may not be popular as yet, but we believe we’re onto the next trend in both eBook creation and reading.  ePub3 technology is best demonstrated by developers who are free to use open source coding, and they are not restricted by the big middlemen of the world, who want to steal their chunk of profit off the top of the independent publishers’ backs.  Watch this little slideshow below.  We at EMRE Publishing, LLC give our authors and publishers 85% of the retail price, and even 100%, if they choose to invest up-front in our little “experiment in the future creation of eBooks and the marketing tool that will make all the difference.” And Vearsa is going to be there to deliver the goods.

And, hopefully, Gareth and I will be smiling, together with our new publishers and authors, all the way to the bank.  Maybe we’ll pass the “big 5” on the way and wave.  Then again, maybe not, because we’ll be busy planning for the next innovation in digital books!  Maybe it’ll be platforms that can give the reader the experience of odors and the touch of objects, as IBM has predicted.  Maybe, as Gareth predicts in his article, it’ll be publishers who let the authors do the writing and let technology do the promoting.  Authors and publishers, in my opinion, need to work together to win.  If we give authors more of the profit pie, then those same authors will become more willing to learn the newest technology–like our Embellisher™ Mobile Creating and Marketing System.

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