New Anthology Stories and Cut the Crap Against Gays

Dear Subscriber,

First, an original poem (not from a “whore bot”):

Single woman sunrise
Are you the last one, my dear?
I think not. Sit down. You must be tired.
No, don’t take off your clothes.
Look at me. Tell me about your fear.
I want to feel your heart and mind.
Do you believe thoughts of love can last?
Forever in a heart of compassionate sorrow?
Not in the missiles of reality.
Not in the crack of firebombs at dawn.
Not in the trafficking of single Ukrainian women.
Only in our thoughts right now and my hearing you.
Not touching. Just praying with halted breath.
Until it all goes away forever.
We can go leaping on Zen Lake before the runners,
the old, and the new, the ignorant.
Insane celibate lovers forever.
Until the next parade of pain comes marching out of Hell.
Make it all up. I am too joyful to say no.
2023 by J. Musgrave

Next, a politician rant as a warrior class veteran and son of a Pearl Harbor Survivor:

First off, Utah, gays and trans are on the line in the Armed Forces of the United States, ready to sacrifice their lives for you and all the other dim-witted twits who want to control what folks do with their bodies.
Jeesh, man! Don’t you ever read federal laws for entertainment in front of the fireplace? LGBTQ+ are now protected by law. They can get married, have children, and even love each other in public! Get a grip, man! Polish that head and learn to let the light in for a change.
It’s called “enlightenment.”

Finally, some good news for “yours truly.”

Had my second story acceptance at the fiction4all distributor/publisher on the Isle of Wight. Two very different stories. One about a male nursing assistant rapist for the horror anthology, Dark Tales, and the other a pastiche about this ancient British story on John Overs, the wealthy ferry-man of London.

My story doesn’t have his daughter, Mary, but my invention, the orphan, Katherine! Plus, I have a lot of cool stuff (and funny) happen between John’s miserly beginnings and his death. Finally, I used British spelling of words, a key if ya’ll want to crack the U.K. market. LOL!

My story was 100% written by my human brain, and not a whore bot!

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Kind Regards,
James Musgrave
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