Get Your Readers Involved in Your Fiction

I have just begun a new historical mystery series called Portia of the Pacific, starring Clara Shortridge Foltz, Esq., and many members of her family.  My third mystery, The Stockton Insane Asylum Murder, is set inside the first-ever state asylum in 1887 northern California.  I did my due diligence and became immersed in the history of mental health in California, and especially as it concerns this specific state asylum in Stockton.  I had completed the first four chapters, when I realized the possibility of getting my readers involved in the actual writing process.  Why not have five “winners” of a raffle become five mental patients inside my asylum and inside my mystery?

If you want your readers to become enthused with your subject matter, and possibly increase your purchases, then here are the steps you can take to do this:

  1. Think of a way your reader can become a character in your book and then hold a raffle to do this.  See my current raffle using (free) Rafflecopter software.
  2. Promote your raffle on your author’s website as well as in Facebook ads.
  3. Let them read sample chapters from the novel in which they will be appearing.
  4. Be certain to also promote this inside your other books in the series.
  5. Post the “results” on your book series Facebook page so others can share in the excitement.
  6. Do a mailing to your reader’s mailing list.

That’s about it.  It takes some loneliness out of the writing process, and it just may increase your motivation to please your readers.  That’s not too horrible, now is it?

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