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I’ve written about “true satire” before in my newsletter. Now that it’s election time again, I thought I’d show what happens in the United States in 2023. First of all, artists like yours truly stick out their tongues and/or plant them in their cheeks to write mature satire about politicians.

As my main writing influences are Edgar Allan Poe, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., J. D. Salinger, Albert Camus, and Franz Kafka, my fiction contains a lot of satirical and political content, as well as some of the usual content for modern fiction. I’m not the only one who expresses his/her satirical and political statements in their art.

For example, the rapper from Detroit, Eminem, recently made a freestyle rap on the BEM rap awards. In my modern fiction, I often use song lyrics and artists’ names in my novels and stories. For example, my current paranormal thriller and psychological novel The Borderland contains snippets of lyrics and the use of the identity of singer/dancer Kate Bush as my protagonist’s manic persona.

In most of my Portia of the Pacific Historical mysteries, I use satire to make statements about the sexist, misogynist, and racist realities that folks in the United States lived under in the Nineteenth Century. I take on prescient topics that are alive today, such as abortion, rape, child abuse, freedoms of speech and the press, among others. Of course, this turns off many readers who just want to escape when they read. So be it. The majority of fiction does exactly this: gives you an escape from the real world. My fiction wants you to see that the same issues and problems today were also present in the past. By learning from our past and present, we can improve our future, is what I believe.

As a teacher for over twenty-five years, I know that our future is our youth. I believe if we try to hide the truth from them (to protect them), then we are hiding reality from them as well.

Poem About Our Progeny

More than one billion people in the world live off the grid. They only have their “little suns” to bring light into their world. Guess what? That’s all we have for the future of everyone.
We wake up to them every day.
Those little suns that like to play.
Don’t be fooled, they are curious.
Awakened cry and born to pray.
Follow them in time, no delay.
When furious, they’re serious.
You may want them to stay away.
Too much expense, too much to pay.
Their future isn’t spurious.
Some are sold, some are sexy prey.
But their light shines through anyway.
We are your suns, don’t bully us!
J. Musgrave 2023
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James Musgrave
San Diego, CA
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