Gun Control in a Nation of Competition and Divided States

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Mysteries necessitate a murder or other crime. As a veteran, and the son of a World War Two Pearl Harbor Survivor with 30+ years working for the military, I don’t get angry at much when it comes to self-defense and even killing to protect one’s family or to prevent the death of innocent civilians.

However, I will not vote for any politician from now on who refuses to get rid of assault weapons from the shelves of our stores and gun shows, and this is my stand. Fiction often requires a murder. Real life doesn’t need to make murder easier.

Let the videos roll! Vets and police have to shoot little kids who pick up a weapon in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and throughout the United States of America’s communities. They must experience the horror of killing a child and live with it forever.
It’s time our politicians experience what assault weapons do to the frail bones and bodies of children who have no guns to protect themselves. If the answer that these politicians have about school shootings is more “freedom” guns on campus, arm all the teachers, use metal detectors, arrest more insane folks, stop all drug sales (including alcohol, which causes the most gun suicides), then will this stop the deaths?
No, I say, because a gun by itself can’t kill anybody, and a person by him/her self can’t kill anybody with such speed and accuracy. In 100% of the cases, only when the two become one, through a contractual agreement (both emotionally and financially), can a death occur. You would need to arrest all emotional humans in the U.S.A. to stop the killing before it happens. Not possible.
Or, you can plan a top-down, leadership campaign to get rid of assault weapons and the accompanying ammunition so not one more child has to get lit up with AR ammunition, tearing his/her body to shreds, and causing trauma in the families forever, and searing a dark, bloody stain on the soul of the entire United States of America. It worked in Connecticut. It can work in the U.S.A.
This has nothing to do with Easter, Passover, or any other religious faith. It has to do with one more child taken down with bullets from an assault weapon easily available to anyone who wants it. Freedom to kill is not freedom to live. Having over 300 million guns in a tinderbox of competition and violence called the “United States” (which is not currently united) is not safety to the public.
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James Musgrave
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