Happy Holidays!

Brendan Fraser as the Whale
Brendan Fraser as The Whale

Dear Subscriber,

Happy Holidays! Watch the sugar, don’t over-indulge, be crazy, and don’t fret too much.

I’m staying busy and will be with my son after Christmas rush, as I am not a lemming. I’ll be there on 26th through 28th. My granddaughter will be there also, home from college. She’s doing well, and plans to go to grad school in California rather than continuing in Utah (wise choice). More jobs in genetic technology and research in our state.

I was reminded of a friend I have who is obese when I saw the blowback from Aronofsky’s film The Whale. I, frankly, look at the issue like any 12-step program dealing with addiction. We often switch addictions from one to another. I was weighing 240 at one point, which is probably nothing to my friend, but when I chose to become vegetarian, eat no desserts and no sugars other than natural from fresh fruit, I lost all that and continue to hover around 200, which is still not that good, as I don’t get enough strenuous exercise as a writer. But I do walk over a mile at least four times a week.

Anyway, I want to watch this film from an “addict’s” viewpoint, as I empathize with anybody who can’t control his/her emotions enough to stay sober/clean/healthy. My dad went from alcohol to gambling and sex, and I went from alcohol to an obsession with writing (which isn’t a bad thing but it’s fairly addictive) and I combined it with a failed business. Speaking of writing and authors, I watched (again) the movie with Jack Nicholson playing the OCD author in NYC As Good As It Gets. Always makes me cry. The gay artist is fabulous in that movie.

Let me know your “take” on overeating and addiction, as this film seems to be getting a lot of blowback about “fat shaming.” They should be focusing on 12-step or Weight Watcher programs. When people come to the U.S. from Europe, or especially, Scandinavian countries, they’re amazed at all the “fatties” in our country.

I think that’s why this film The Whale got standing ovations at the foreign film festivals. Frankly, the movie could also be a slur against English teachers! LOL! As a sober and clean guy, and retired English professor, for coming up on 37 years, I can only say that you must have more fun sober than you did in your “bad” addictions. Otherwise, why be sober at all? We have a saying in the 12-step program, “Fake it until you make it.” I’ve been doing that one-day-at-a-time for 37 years now!

Take care, and see you around the human campus.

James Musgrave

San Diego, CA

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