Historical Fiction with Strong Female Leads

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Historical fiction with strong female protagonists/sleuths/heroes. My mystery novel, THE ANGEL’S TRUMPET is the 4th volume of my Portia of the Pacific series. The murder is an assassination of a Supreme Court nominee in the Grover Cleveland Administration of 1887. As our current former President, Donald J. Trump is attempting to do, Mr. Cleveland successfully won a second term in office after losing his first bid. And, like Trump, he was from New York State. From that point on, the historical comparisons dwindle. My attorney/detective from San Francisco, Clara Foltz, Esq., and her family, help solve the murder and the kidnapping of First Lady, twenty-one-year-old Frances Cleveland. Actress Sarah Bernhardt is also part of the mix, so hold onto your real and/or metaphorical hats!

For those of you who belong to my $1 per month short story service, here’s an added bonus, if you enjoy psychological horror. As with most of my art, I do journalistic research to weave into my fictional plots, with mostly fictional characters.

This tale, The Babaylan is available on my Google Docs platform. As stated, it contains mostly psychological/supernatural horror and no graphic gore. It’s “loosely” about the serial killer from 1966, Richard Benjamin Speck, but it’s more about the maximum security prison and the mother/daughter team of Precious and Rose Aquino, both nurses, but only the mother is a shaman.

Finally, a shout out the librarians of the U.S.A., who are my biggest defenders and supporters.

I’ve read 90 percent of these novels. The American Library Association is a friend of mine. They distribute all of my work, even though it contains violence, pedophilia, homosexuality, rape, incest, and drug use. Also, I realistically show the abhorrent legal practices against Blacks, Chinese, Jews, Native Americans, women, and children throughout the Nineteenth Century.
Without organizations like the ALA, which also went up against the Federal Government when it attempted, through the FBI, to obtain the private records of readers and what they were checking out in the libraries around the United States during our “forever wars.” The ALA won (for now), but these are harsh times for true Freedom of Speech and intelligent inquiry into actual history.
Please support the librarians of our country!
James Musgrave

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