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Napoleon dessert
I shall be flushing one of these down my toilet instead of drinking tequila today. I’ll also shout, “Viva Mexico!”
I know. It’s symbolic. So, if you don’t understand my symbolic gesture, then do an image search on Google. Of course, you also have to know a bit about Mexican history. Whatever, dude. You gringos will drink margaritas and wear a sombrero anyway. Have a shot on me! I don’t drink alcohol, and I read history. Plus, I eat no refined sugars. Just fruits. So shoot me. But I’m also not French.
If you enjoy my horror story Bug Motel offered for free in this newsletter, then try the anthology in which it appears as the first story. There are other great stories in it published by HellBound Books. I’m very proud that my stories get published in various anthologies around the world, as it helps me get new readers, such as you fine aficionados of fine fiction!

Award-Winning Historical Fiction Forevermore by Jim Musgrave

The Detective Patrick James O’Malley series began with the blue ribbon awarded to my first novel Forevermore about the fictional murder of Edgar Allan Poe in 1849 Baltimore. This establishes my sleuth, a battle-hardened vet of the Civil War of 1861-65 who used to be a manuscript carrier for the Divine Edgar when he was a boy. At the beginning of my mystery, he’s living as a vet inside the Poe cottage on Fordham Road in the Bronx. To get my readers “hooked” on the series and buy the other mysteries, I offer Forevermore for free (for my subscribers only) and for .99 on the “usual online venues.” Learn more about this series here. Also, please leave reviews of any/all of these novels you read and enjoy. Independent authors write and research stories creativity and astute attention to details, and we enjoy readers who can be aware of this and who enjoy well-researched novels.

For your brief entertainment, here’s talented actress and author, Renee Hieber, reading an excerpt from Forevermore.

And probably for you folks who are wondering what I look like, here’s yours truly reading from the last (Steampunk) mystery in the series, Steam City Pirates.

Here’s another bundle page of my work for your sampling and purchases.

Have a great holiday, and keep reading to your mind’s contentment.

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