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As my previous newsletter attested, I do a lot of research for my novels and (most importantly) for my historical mystery series. I have two series for sale right now. The Portia of the Pacific Historical Mysteries, and the Detective Patrick James O’Malley series, which won an international award for “best historical mystery” at the Chanticleer Awards.

My historical pieces are acclaimed by professional critics:

Kirkus Reviews says, “In this second outing, Musgrave nicely orchestrates historical elements from this heady era, such as the Winchester house and Randolph’s ideas; they’re as strange and compelling as fictive paranormal abilities. The link between the occult and the suffrage movement is a captivating example of how politics makes strange bedfellows, since two of the few venues where women’s voices could be heard were churches and spiritualist meetings: ‘We support women’s rights under the guise of spiritual communication,’ says Clara.”

My fans on Goodreads are also hooked on the twists and turns in all of mysteries:

“Once again, Mr. Musgrave tells a tale with many twists and a few surprises. Murder, wealth, friendship, burgeoning love, and family dynamics all play a part when a woman is convicted of killing her husband. Clara, Ah Toy, and Captain Lees are joined by the lawyer for the convicted woman in the twisty pursuit of the instigator of the this and other murders for money and power. Clara’s son and Ah Toy’s uncle play important parts in the resolution of this case, also. I very much enjoyed this second book in the series and am looking forward to the third.” Carla on Goodreads

As a successful independent author for over thirty years, I take pride in both my historical research, but also in my attention to telling a good tale, which is the key to allowing the reader to experience the true past under conditions that reflect upon events happening in the present. Intelligence means allowing the author to show mistakes that were made in order to learn from them and possibly even correct them in the here and now.

Thanks for being part of my growing family of readers. All my books are vetted and approved by the American Library Association who also sells my titles and my audiobooks from their platforms.

Have a great week, and keep reading in those summer heatwaves.

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San Diego, CA

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