Oppenheimer for Fun, Profit, and Hidden Facts

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When I worked at Caltech/JPL, there were almost “wall to wall” scientists and physicists with whom I came in contact each day in my five years working at the Industrial Relations Center as the Supervisor of Management Development. When I read the book Oppenheimer, I was naturally looking forward to seeing the film. However, as is with many Hollywood adaptations these days, it wasn’t exactly what the book said it might be.

In what’s sadly “quite typical” for any Hollywood biopic, even one based on a non-fiction book, Oppenheimer, conveniently leaves out the radioactive poisoning of civilians who lived in New Mexico. Although scientists like Dr. Carl Sagan, in his essay Nuclear Winter would bring to light the reality of any kind of nuclear destructive uses, it’s a shame that the “powers in Hollywood” couldn’t fit in (even in the credits) that this technology kills into the future generations of our species, and (naturally) our animal brethren as well.

As my erotic fantasy novel Orkidedatter is being offered in this newsletters collection, along with other independent authors, I though I’d share a kind promo by the psychologist, criminologist, and mother, Lillian Haugland, who collaborated with me on this novel. Lillian is today facing some horrific physical challenges, and her true Viking courage astounds me.
(Please, read the poem below)
I’m so pleased and grateful to announce this book, written by an amazing author Jim Musgrave please check it out https://www.amazon.sg/Orkidedatter-1-Lily/dp/B0B6R5B43L Jim is an award winning author.
I have several poems in this book and I’m posting one here….
Thank you so much.
The Evil Lives Inside
A devil’s play, living a nightmare in her head,
and with a mind of a monster talking to her.
A little girl squeezing her teddy bear
with blood dripping from her hands.
A difficult girl with no boundaries.
A sweet girl with no rules.
An angry girl with evil inside.
Her toys were in order and never played with.
Her body was tightening up,
shaking with an inferno in her eyes.
Sitting like a guardian over her toys when
she was crushing spiders to the floor.
Other people were cuddling her hair,
but they were only checking her skull
for a 666 sign. Did she perform as a
clown at children’s parties, using teeth
from human skulls as a necklace?
Rattling like a venom snake around her
neck as a hypnotic melody?
A devil in disguise walking down the
havoc line with a knife in her hand.
A devil is unchained this cold night.
Disrupting mess of a predator instinct,
smiling at the silhouettes in the streetlights.
Blood runs cold in the dead of the night,
when a little girl with emptiness in her eyes,
was cutting his throat when he was asleep
and resurrecting him into her deformed
materials of a dark illusion.
She watched the blade covered with blood
and took her killing to another level.
She sliced him into pieces, the smell of
fresh blood and meat was satisfying.
A perfect square of human flesh like her toys.
A dead man’s body was a playground
for a monster and when the butcher’s knife
cut a larger wound in his face, she was
laughing out loud.
She licked the wound empty of blood….
took his eyeballs and chewed them as gum.
From his skeleton she built a killer’s castle
and turned it into a macabre torture chamber.
Bloody footprints, a huge pool of blood,
and a numb girl. She stands in the spotlight
with a twisting tongue on the knife edge…
blood on her lips and a mischievous smile
on her face, like a China doll,
with a horrific secret beneath unseen eyes.

Thanks for reading, and stay cool all the way through the week!

James Musgrave

EMRE Publishing

San Diego, CA

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