The Hounds of Love in a Wales Psychiatric Hospital

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W. T. Stead, who is often called the “first undercover journalist,” gives the story of how underage girls were collected in England in the Victorian Era. These “techniques” are still used in 2023, as it is my contention as an author of historical fiction that “tools of the trade may change with each new generation” but the same immorality and purposes persist. As long as there are pedophiles and lusting humans who have the money and means, there will be the “industry” to procure them, as we still, in 2023, have an economy like the Gilded Age wherein the wage gap ensures that the super rich will have their “fun” and will satisfy their lusts by any means necessary, around the world.
As during the Victorian Era, today’s toxic capitalism provides the smoke screen veneer of post-modern Puritanism to make the social strata believe none of this is really happening. Whereas, in reality, it’s a growing business earning over fifty billion dollars a year in profits for the chain of procurers. If you factor in the drug and alcohol trades, the money earned is astronomically profitable.
Mr. Stead, whom I greatly admire as a heroic figure, will be in my novel Sleeping Beauty and the Beasts of Past and Present. I’m using the plot of David Lynch’s screenplay Blue Velvet “loosely” as my outline to configure the main story of my novel set in the present–yet supernaturally suspended animation time period–inside a fictional mental hospital in Wales, U.K.
Cupid and Psyche as Children
Please note the butterfly wings on Psyche

Click on the above painting Cupid and Psyche as Children by the French artist William Bouguereau. It will take you to the Google Doc copy of my novel-in-progress (three chapters). As usual, I have done a tremendous amount of research, including interviewing the main character, Katharine Louise Frost Hemingway, who plays herself in the novel (with my fictional imagination added, of course). In addition, there are the characters of W. T. Stead and Ida Craddock, who were also real folks in their real lives, which is very cool for my historical author purposes.

If you enjoy the sample chapters, then email me or reply to this newsletter, and I’ll place you on my list to be notified when it’s completed and being published. It will be in print, digital, and audio formats, whether a publisher picks it up or I need to self-publish it. It’s one of those “labors of love” authors frequently talk about (thanks, Cupid!).

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