How Brooklyn 99 Characters Use the Embellisher eReader App


Jake wants a way to talk to everybody privately.

I’m tired of having to email each detective without keeping it on the down low.  I found this app online called the Embellisher, and it let me create messages on their cool app that could have video, music playlists, and other great stuff that can make my instructions to my peers pay-off with a big arrest.  They can even post what they like on their social websites like Facebook!  How awesome is that?


Charles enjoys the way the eReader creates cookbooks.

I’m kind of a geek, and I really like to create these new multimedia eBooks.  What better way to show-off my Ukrainian cuisine cookbook?  Readers can play it on their mobile devices, and the 99ers can see what a really great gourmet I am!  Heck, those computer nerds will soon put smell inside those darned eBooks!


Gina discovers she can embed YouTube Videos of her dance routines.

Amy sees how she can finally write that detective novel she always wanted to write.


I have a great idea about a mystery I want to write!  I’ll use all the detectives at 99, but then I’ll change them into characters in a Steampunk Scifi eBook set in the 1860s.  This Embellisher ePub Studio is right inside the app, so I can even write it at work!  I’ll even take a fake name of a man, so I can sell it better.


Rosa wants to write a book about zombies.

I’ve always enjoyed horror, so what’s better than a multimedia eBook about zombies?  People have even called me one!  I can set it in San Diego where there are a lot of Hispanics, and this Embellisher system even lets me create coupons.  I can give my book away for free with a coupon code!  My name?  Amy has a good idea.  Keep it undercover.  If she can be Jim Musgrave, then I can be E. Z. Graves.

 Brooklyn99-Andre Braugher-Holt-Happy

Captain Holt wants to give his husband a special music playlist.

I really don’t know what to give Kevin for our anniversary.  Detective Peralta has that new Embellisher app.  I can do the tutorial and put an especially romantic playlist about our honeymoon in Venice, Italy, inside an eBook called the Family Love Time Capsule.  He’ll really enjoy it, I know, because I created it.  I’m such a refined artisan, he’ll never forget my gift!


Brooklyn99-Terry Crews-Jeffords-Princess Castle Defeat


Terry wants to write a new story inside Amy’s novel to make it more mysterious.

Everybody at the 99 thinks all I do is work-out.  I saw that tutorial on inserting a “choose your own mystery” inside an eBook, and so I’m going to add my own plots inside Amy’s book.  I know she’ll thank me for it because I can be creative when I want to be!

If you want to be the coolest precinct in your city, we can teach you how you can do it too.

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