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Step-By-Step Publishing Keeps You in Front of Your Readers

After you get your Embellisher™ “3-in-1” Creation, Publication and Marketing App installed (within 48 hours)  on your dedicated server (unlimited storage is a plus), these are the steps you will go through to begin your mobile publishing plan.  Please remember that each of our clients is different, so your project’s goals and objectives may be quite different.  Rest assured, we work with you every step of the way to guarantee you understand these steps and why they should be put in place to fit your book’s purpose.

Step 1:  Prepare Your Materials

Whether you’re a self-published author or a publisher of hundreds of titles, the same philosophy of preparedness holds true.  Each book must be prepared for separately and given unique attention at this stage.  For example, if you have a mystery series of four books that you have been selling through the usual publication routes (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, etc.), you will be happy to know that this mobile sales technique will enhance your already in place efforts with the same strategy that the big publishers now use.  Note that I have included a hypertext link to an online tutorial that explains how each technique works.

Create Two eBooks inside the Studio

Because our clients want to get new installations of their tailored and branded app, they want to offer something to their audience to get them to do this.  Usually, with our authors and publishers, we recommend giving the first book in their series away for free inside the app’s library.  Many authors already do this when they market on Amazon, but with mobile publishing, once you can get your readers to install your app, they instantly become your client–in a businesses sense–so special care must be taken to provide for their needs.

Create Featured eBook

You should first create the copy of your book that you want to sell through your app.  This is done inside our ePub Creator Studio.  There are tutorials automatically sent to your email address after you register inside the studio, and these tutorials are also inside the studio interface.  Our basic access is free, so you can practice creating books even before you decide to purchase our app.

You should also note that you may choose to “enhance” (we call it “embellish”) your eBooks at any time.  This means you can add video, audio and user-controlled music playlists to your titles.  In addition, you can try using our “Insert Story” tool to create unique “choose your own adventure” plot lines that give your books an entirely new look and feel.

Once you’ve created your new eBook, you can upload it into your app’s store.  You price the book or offer it free depending on your strategy.  In addition, you can preload it into your reader’s library or experiment with other marketing techniques.  Because you are now marketing through a mobile app, you have a much wider range of tools at your disposal.  Once created and uploaded, your eBook will appear inside your reader’s library instantly, and you can then use our instant book linking code to announce its availability to your readers through social media and instant messages.

Create Second Promotional eBook



The second eBook is created for each book that you’ll be selling inside your store.  This eBook will be used exclusively for direct mail marketing to your readers.  Inside this eBook, you can place video promotions, coupon discounts, preorders for your title(s), and contests that can also be run through this marketing eBook.    You can even include online “authorgraph” lists of your titles.  This eBook can also be used for specialized emailing done through our PhpList Email campaign software.  You simply create a brief campaign with a link to this eBook, and then send it to a purchased or uploaded list of email addresses.  Not only do your respondents install your app to get at your promotions, they also can purchase print copies of your titles directly inside this second marketing eBook.  We link most of our clients’ paperback titles through Createspace’s online store link to obtain the highest royalties.  However, you can obviously link to any publishing link you wish to use.  Please note that you should offer this marketing eBook free inside your store, as it serves as a promotional tool for your main title.

Step 2:  Direct Email Marketing


This is the step that comes after you’ve created all your titles and their accompanying promotional eBooks.  Direct Email Marketing is done by big publishers and small publishers, and it can also be done by self-publishers.  You can do this easily enough because your app installation also includes access to our PhpList Email Campaign software.  In addition, in May, 2016, we will be including it as part of our “turnkey version” of the app, which will also include separate Administration for individual authors.  Each author will be able to run his/her own store inside the turnkey app that you can own.  We will roll this out at the annual Book Expo America in Chicago.  Look for us in Booth 976A.

One of the best investments you make as a mobile publisher is your email list.  Luckily, we offer a list of curated list brokers of “opt-in only” companies.  You work with one of these companies to purchase the focused list of potential readers of your books.  You get these in .csv (comma separated) Excel files, and you can upload them into your created list.  These addresses will be used for your direct mail marketing, the most important phase of your publishing venture.

Campaigns that you create inside the PhpList software should be very brief, and they should include links to your second eBook (promotional eBook).  In order to open your promotional eBook, the person responding to your campaign email will need to install your app on their mobile device.  Thus, not only are you getting immediate installations of your publishing app, you are also allowing your new audience to see how your new title fits into their niche of special interests.  In fact, you can also direct mail to this new list of “confirmed” installations to find out what they would be interested in when you create your future books.

Step 3:  Continuing Communications with Your Readers


Another most important step in mobile direct social marketing is to keep up a constant flow of communications going between you and your readers.  You can give them value added bonuses by using this form of communications.  This is why we included the Mobile Forum inside each of our app installations.  Your readers can immediately access this part of the app to join book clubs, ask you questions, respond to surveys, and even enter contests.  In addition, you can send out prepared newsletters that include articles on writing or on future books you will have coming down the pipe.  You can even run ™a blog or even a radio show inside your forum.  In other words, you have more than enough ways to keep the flow of interesting communications going between you and your audience.  In addition, you can also separate the communications into threads aimed at the specific subject matter of your books.  This mobile forum is, in effect, a “Goodreads” for your personal audience.

Concluding Reasons for Using the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing App


Pricing for app installations

  • Your Embellisher™ App eBooks are more secure than Amazon’s DRM.  The advantage is that no encryption is needed; a huge disadvantage of the .epub or .mobi encryption is that the method to the encryption is always stored with the eBook file; it is like delivering a locker with a key still attached.  Anyone that knows how to read .epub or .mobi source files and has access to the memory of the application (online or in app with root access) is able to crack them.
  • Your reader doesn’t have to switch devices to access contests, promotions, and purchases.  The main advantage of publishing via mobile device is that once your reader installs your app he/she never has to login again to a separate entity.  For people who need convenience in their lives, this is a big advantage over buying titles through Amazon or any other middle distributor of titles.
  • All your communications are inside a single app.  Again, no need to set-up outside communications or gimmicks via Facebook pages, Twitter ads or other costly promotions.  We know from over 20 years of independent publishing that your money should be spent on getting more readers, and this means getting your audience to read your books and (most importantly) continuing to read them.  With conventional, non-mobile publishing and marketing, you have to do all these tasks separately, on different websites.  With the Embellisher™ Publishing App, you control everything, right inside a single device.  Take it with you and use it on any mobile device you have:  Smart Phone, Tablet or iPad, it all works!
  • For $500, you will receive an application worth many thousands of dollars.  You can price what it would cost, just for giggles, if you had an app developer create such a device for you from scratch.  Since we’ve created all the features for you, you will pay only for the license to use them at a greatly reduced cost.


Short Tutorial on How to Access Your App

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