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How to Blow-Up Your Business with Mobile Publishing

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Your Company Training or Education Model Can Finally Become Learner-Centered

The most progressive and productive companies and educational institutions have embraced the “learner-centered model” in a big way.  When I taught at Caltech, this was the only way to teach.  When you get students with GPAs of over 4.0 in your online classes, you have to develop a delivery system that caters to their needs.  After teaching online for 15 years, I developed the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing, Education and Training platform.  After testing it through the Industrial Relations Center, I am now ready to offer this system to educators in both the private and public sectors, so they can also reap the dividends that “learner-centered” instruction can give.

Mobile Hardware is There.  However, Where’s the Content?

After studying the American educational system for many years–both K-12 and collegiate–I discovered that it was poised to made some great changes in the delivery of content.  In addition, companies around the world were also needing a mobile way to create and develop content that could be shared and improved upon inside a single application.  Not only could students learn the different skills required for a job, they could also create new ways of seeing and presenting this content so it can be appreciated by more than just a single class or work unit that’s isolated from the world.  Mobile technology brought the world to us, I knew, so why couldn’t we bring the world to our learning experience?  In return, our “world mobile classrooms of the future” could then deliver their creations to the world!

For example, my son, Chris, was telling me how the Los Angeles Unified School District was handing out iPads and tablets to students, but then they realized they had no content to enjoy!  In other words, we have been putting the cart before the horse, and it’s my business plan to remedy all of that in a big way.

Multimedia and Virtual Reality are Here to Stay

Our learning platform was developed in order to allow students and teachers to create the content of the future.  ePub3 (multimedia) eBooks will become the wave of the future.  However, unless we create the great content to enjoy, the public will never see how innovative and enjoyable this technology can be.  Students are already mixing technology, and unless they can have the freedom to explore how this can be done in a seamless and practical way, we will never be able to tap into a well-spring of new creativity and content.

Five Reasons Why Your Company or School Needs the Embellisher™

1.   Teachers/Instructors and Students can learn together by creating unique content inside our ePub3 Creator Studio, and Teachers/Instructors can sell course materials directly to students.

2.  Projects, in the form of multimedia eBooks, can be shared instantly across mobile platforms in alpha and beta phases of development, using the Embellisher™ ePub3 eReader.

3.  Each class project group is developed according to student interest and not according to teacher-dictated assignment.

4.  Students can import new content and deliver project alpha and beta phases to both the separate course and to the entire school or company.

5.  The company or educational institution can choose to “sell” completed content projects within the application and to outside retail markets.



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