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Writing fantasy requires a certain amount of world building and characters who fit that world without discomfort. Folks who enjoy a good yarn usually gauge their tastes by authors like Tolkien, Martin, and Gaiman. One should also understand that independent authors also write perhaps a different style and even content of fantasy. They are not, for example, restricted to keep out non-politically correct themes or even politics from their work. In addition, they can quite often bridge into other genres much more easily, mixing and mashing-up suspense, thriller, science fiction, and even historical fiction within their plots.

I did this in the story I included in the cooperative ad for this week called Lily and the Troll Gang. I also did it in the fantasy/horror story set during the start of war in Ukraine (on my birthday today) called Katuvannya (Torture). If you enjoy this very experimental way of presenting ideas and plots, then stick with me and others on the independent trail to your minds, hearts, and senses.

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