Living in the Wild Wild West that’s “Wilder” than the old Wild West

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“You’re just experiencing a little Dark Night of the Soul. That’s all. Take three Paxil, meditate, and call my A.I. in the morning.”

Dark Night of the Soul

Allen Texas mall shooter bites the dust! Fast with her finger, our Congresswoman from Georgia is quick on the trigger.
Here’s what nutjob Congressbimbo Marjorie Taylor Greene is advocating in her tweet. Like her boss, candidate Donald J. Trump, she can’t communicate anything longer than a tweet:
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene????????
This is exactly what this monster deserves.
“Thank God for the brave officer that courageously ran into the line of fire to save others.
We pray for the victims and their families and an end to the mental illness, drugs, and evil forces that cause people to commit such horrors.”
As the Church Chat Lady on SNL (Dana Carvey) used to say, “Hmm, I wonder what you could mean by evil forces? Could it be … Satan?”
You know, Congressbimbo, there used to be a group who thought exactly the way you do! They carried out a very large scale “euthanasia” program to eliminate all the crazy, deformed, and devil-worshipers in their midst. They also saved their government a lot of money! It was first carried out in the United States, and it was supported by many intellectuals there, so there’s a precedent for our right-wing Supreme Court to back it up. I also cover this issue of genetics and Eugenics in the third mystery in my Portia of the Pacific series (see yesterday’s newsletter),
But then another group in Europe decided that wasn’t enough.
Isn’t that what you mean? Get rid of the offal and violence will magically disappear, even though there are enough guns and live ammunition piled up in the U.S.A. to go to Venus and back?
Oh. That European group plan was called the Euthanasia Program and Aktion T4. It was very methodical and even clandestine to protect innocent bystanders who might see what’s really going on.
Oh, and I know you’re stupid about history, but you can use your A.I. powered Mickey Mouse Smartphone to research it!

Well, at least Texas Governor Abbott knows which side of his bread is buttered. Racist terrorists who plow through crowds to shoot a Black Lives Matter demonstrator! That’s what I call a Texas hero!

He can’t pardon the mall shooter, however, he’s dead. Too bad. Bullets are faster than the pen! And the Constitution. Putin and Uncle Mao said that.

I’ll play this theme song when every mass shooting takes place. Take your meds if you need them. I don’t care what MTG says. LOL!

This musical group, Escape Club, is exactly what folks are doing these days–even when they read fiction. They want to escape instead of learn. Escape instead of face reality. Escape instead of learn from history. Escape instead of use their brains to see reality and change.

Yup. “Livin’ in the Wild Wild West, y’all!” Get used to it. We’re going backward instead of forward. Well, to be truthful, we had more gun control in the so-called “Wild West” than we do in Texas today. Don’t believe me? Research it on your own. That’s what A.I. is really for.

Finally, since my wife, Ellen, died in my arms from Lewy Body Dementia seven years ago, I have (believe it or not) lived a celibate lifestyle and enjoyed it immensely. Instead of marrying my ChatGPT, I married my imagination. So here’s a poem I wrote last night about notices I’ve been getting by email about “available single Ukrainian women”:

Single Ukrainian Woman
Are you the last one, my dear?
I think not. Sit down. You must be tired.
No, don’t take off your clothes.
Look at me. Tell me about your fear.
I want to feel your heart and mind.
Do you believe thoughts of love can last?
Forever in a heart of compassionate sorrow?
Not in the missiles of reality.
Not in the crack of firebombs at dawn.
Not in the trafficking of single Ukrainian women.
Only in our thoughts right now and my hearing you.
Not touching. Just praying with halted breath.
Until it all goes away forever.
We can go leaping on Zen Lake before the runners,
the old, and the new, the ignorant.
Insane celibate lovers forever.
Until the next parade of pain comes marching out of Hell.
Make it all up. I am too joyful to say no.
2023 by J. Musgrave
Thanks for hanging out with me. I have to talk to my granddaughter, Jenna Nicole, who is going to be a genetic scientist. We’ll discuss this stuff, as she’s brainy like her grandfather. LOL!
Kind Regards,
James Musgrave
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