Madame Gray’s Poe-Pourri of Terror Review

Madame Gray's Poe-Pourri of TerrorMadame Gray’s Poe-Pourri of Terror by Gerri R. Gray
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If you only read one story in this, in my opinion, read Gerri Gray’s “The Absinthe Bottle.” It weaves the best style of Poe, true, and the story is perfectly paced, described, and concluded. But, most of all, it has the personalized beauty of the best of Haruki Murakami and Joyce Carol Oates. My mind was filled with the resonant vibrations at the end of her story the same way I felt after reading Poe’s “The Black Cat” while ditching my sub-par California public high school English class to read it in the library. The other stories in this collection including my own (a revenge piece to the nuns at my Catholic school), are also worthy of the style and grace of Poe. Poe is smiling somewhere, folks, and he loves these weavings a lot!

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