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New Marketing Tools to be Added to the Embellisher Publishing System

May 24, 2015, San Diego, CA

Chief Executive Officer of EMRE Publishing, LLC, Jim Musgrave, has announced a new emphasis on creating marketing tools for clients.  With direct instructions from the boss, the lead developer of the Embellisher eReader App, Author and Reader Forum, and ePub Creator Studio, Bas Van Stein, has begun work on the following direct marketing tools:

1.  Create an easy way to establish the link that goes to each book in the store.  It could just be a way the user could copy the complete link and insert it inside an email.  We can do this easily, but some people find this difficult to find the book’s id and then insert inside the proper link.

2.  Create an “ad card template” that can be used in Google Adwords and Twitter.  Ideally, the user could upload this into their Google Ads and Twitter Business Ads to use when setting up a campaign.  They should be able to feature an image from the book they want to sell inside the template and also use the “store link” above.

3.  Create a “book excerpting” system inside the app.  Basically, it allows the user to create a short sample of their book inside a pop-up that readers can see inside the eReader.  They also track interactions with this “bubble” with analytics (Google?).  To make this even more awesome and valuable, if you could figure out a way to also insert YouTube playlists, which can promote book trailers, interviews with author, etc., that would be an additional bonus.

4.  A cool way to connect Authorgraph to our app.  This would entail the reader being able to order a signed copy of the book from the author inside the Embellisher.

5.  If possible, could you connect Skype to the Embellisher eReader in some way?  This would allow authors who are at a brick-and-mortar store or other readings a way to broadcast their presentations to their followers.  I would imagine having it as a live feed would not be possible, but maybe you know of a way?

6.  This may not be possible, but I was thinking if you could create a promo engine similar to what Bookshout has, that would be awesome.  From what I hear, they don’t even publish titles.  They simply broadcast an email template filled with free and paid eBooks that the reader can click on to access.  I was thinking we could have such a sales template that our authors could use to market their embellished books inside the eReader store.  This template should be able to be loaded into email software to use in an email sales campaign.

7.  A new “Children’s and Young Adult Genre” author’s template, which will include ways to create animations and drawing tools to add unique artistic touches.

In addition to these tools, the ePub Creator Studio will also be able to export eBooks in .pdf and .mobi formats, so authors can publish “non-ePub3” formatted eBooks (without video and javascript content) and save them.  They can then sell them on conventional distribution channels such as Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu and Kobo, and others, and distribute samples to places like  Finally, the Embellisher Publishing system will be made available as an app to the users of the Constantcontact email website, one of the leaders in direct email marketing software.

Musgrave says clients can expect these added features in about two weeks.  “Yes, Bas can create that fast,” he added, with a smile.

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