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The holidays are here, and the free gifts of eBooks keep coming. Just a bit about my free story Cousins that’s included in the giveaways. When I wrote my internationally award-winning novel Forevermore, I did a lot of research using the in-depth resources of the International Poe Society of Baltimore. The critics who enjoy my historical fiction say that my “strongest ability” is how I can weave historical facts and language use into an excellent plot that holds the reader’s interest throughout.

If you enjoy Edgar Allan Poe and know of his history at all, then Cousins should fascinate you as it did me when I crafted it. I included the juxtaposed “phantom story” about the Norwegian cousin because it fit the dark aspects of Poe’s life perfectly. The wonderful reality, to me, was that the story of the caretakers of Akershus Castle were historically real, as well as the “cousin” who was held captive by the Nazis during the war. I hope you enjoy both as a gift from me.

As another “free bonus” in the mystery genre, you can also read the first novel in my six-volume Portia of the Pacific Historical Mystery series, Chinawoman’s Chance.

Finally, you may want to purchase a true-life thriller based on the possible conspiracy I researched in Sins of Darkness. In fact, Sirhan Bishara Sirhan’s lawyer, who got him out of prison until Governor Gavin Newsom denied the Board’s parole. Having done a lot of research on the conspiracy possibility and the mental state of Sirhan, I must say I was not pleased with the governor’s decision. It’s been selling nicely recently, so perhaps you will enjoy this strange story as well.

Thanks, and continue to enjoy your holiday experiences.

James Musgrave

San Diego, CA

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