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I’m selling my Six-Pack of the Portia of the Pacific series, featuring all six of the mysteries, complete with three free audiobooks for only $14.99. Mr. Russell Kim of Chula Vista was the latest customer. He gets an automatic eBook download in three formats, plus a separate email giving him direct download links to the three audiobooks: Chinawoman’s Chance, The Spiritualist Murders, and The Dancing Murders. These are great gifts for Halloween, as they’re not cozy mysteries but mysteries with dark twists of realistic research, Feminist and supernatural murders, as well as great reviews from the American Library Association, Kirkus, and BookLife Prize.

The Dancing Murders

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Author James Musgrave has brought his Portia of the Pacific investigations down to San Diego, in The Dancing Murders, which will be the first interactive, “choose the suspect” ePub3 (multimedia) mystery ever created for his readers’ enjoyment. As part of the fun in this tribute to Attorney and Detective Clara Shortridge Foltz (based on the real woman, who was the first female attorney appointed to the California Bar and the founder of the Public Defender’s Office), two women and one man have been chosen to be portrayed as fictional characters.

Fans of the series may now purchase The Dancing Murders by registering for free in the secure Embellisher eReader platform here. After logging in, just pay by clicking here and then on the eBook cover, which appears on the eReader’s Library desktop.

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James Musgrave

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San Diego, CA

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