My Wisdom for What It’s Worth

Acts of Love

Simply being “alive” is the gift we take for granted. I am so happy to know you and to be part of this world with you and everybody in it. We need to start using our combined intelligence to protect and to serve life and Nature. That’s all I have to say. I am not God. The paradox is that we sometimes have to take lives to save more lives, which is the entire history of warfare in a nutshell, as well as all the aspects of taking any type of sentient life as we know it, if you parse it down far enough.

The mind is only a “judge” that assesses value constantly. It is only memory and not action. To me, action is all there is to reality. Not words. Not thoughts. Nothing but actions. When I judge in my creative work, I judge acts more than thoughts. True geniuses know that loving acts are all that matters in this world. But they show others with their art how evil can creep into our lives so we may see it and not “ignore” it.

 Knowledge is seeing clearly the actions that help, grow, and preserve life. Ignorance is “choosing” not to see that love is the only action that unites humanity. Animals can’t comprehend this, so we must care for them also when we can, without using them for our selfish purposes, in my opinion. I luv u.

 My “actions” are selfish. I am a vegetarian because I don’t ignore the primary causes of global warming, and I believe my appetites and greed are part of that problem for everybody. We have the technology to solve most of our active problems, we simply need to allow this technology to “clean up our act” and sweep aside those who would keep us in the shadows of ignorance just so they can continue on the same path and use us and Nature for their selfish ends.

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