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Want to Be Your Own Mobile Oyster or Scribd?



One of the newest additions to the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing and Marketing System is a way to charge one price for unlimited reading of your titles.  Yes, just the way Scribd and Amazon are doing it.  As the owner of the self-install of our flagship product, you’ll be able to sell multimedia , conventional, newspapers, magazines or even audiobooks for a single price, with a click of a button.  It’s built right inside the Administration back-end of your system, and you can designate which users you want to become part of this sales extravaganza.  The reader simply needs to pay for this feature, and then you designate her as getting all eBooks for free.  Imagine all the readers you’ll get inside the eReader once they know you charge a single price for all they can read!

The advantage of your selling using the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing and Marketing System is that you’ll be able to sell to niche audiences that want to read a lot of books in a certain genre.  Just follow our Five Step Plan, and you’ll soon have readers signing up for your titles.

Download in Three Formats

We have also added two other versions of downloads for those Administrators who want to save their creations in .mobi or .pdf. digital formats.  Of course, the only version that can be read completely (all videos and playlists) inside our Embellisher™ eReader is the .epub3 format.  Therefore, one should not try to save an eBook that is created with video or with a music playlist in .pdf or .mobi, because it will not be readable (or sellable) inside any other eReader.  Of course, if you create a conventional eBook (without multimedia), you’ll be able to download and sell it using the .mobi (Amazon Kindle) or .epub (Apple iBooks) formats.  This is important to the author who wants to deliver in these formats to add to her profits.

Sell Your Print on Demand Titles


We know that readers are still buying more print copies of books, so we have made it easy to sell your books inside our system.  For example, if you sell a print-on-demand copy of your title, you can create an interactive promotional eBook with a video book trailer, an interview with you, and a sampling of the book, right inside your creation.  What makes this a great way to sell print titles is the fact that all the reader needs to do is open the app in his Smartphone or tablet, push a “buy button,” and she will automatically be given the interface at your print store at Createspace or wherever you have your print copies printed.  Here’s the link to our CEO’s fourth mystery, Steam City Pirates.  You would use that URL and simply insert it as a link whenever the user clicks on your “purchase button” inside the promotional eBook you’ve created inside the ePub3 Creator Studio.

Authors and publishers are buying our sale-priced self-install of the system before it goes back up in price.  You can download and install it for the price of $500, until May 31, 2015, which includes the complete eReader and ePub3 Creator Studio, as well as the full Administrative controls of the store and user interfaces.

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