New Anthology of Romantic and Literary Fiction

Draw Down the Moon
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This volume of 32 stories contains a wide assortment of fiction that casts different shades of light upon life during these times. Some are profoundly moving and involving. Some are light and interesting. Some are meant to be savored long after you read them.

My story, Jasmine, is included in the collection. If you want to hear my narrator, Nikki Delgado, read the story, then click here. She does a super job.

If you want to have an autographed copy of the Draw Down the Moon paperback mailed directly to you (at 25% off the publisher’s listed price) then click here.

The book is officially going on sale on August 22, 2022. Enjoy!

On the other hand, if you want my self-published, autographed paperback copy of the award-winning adult short fiction collection Valley of the Dogs, Dark Stories, in which the story Jasmine is included, then go here.

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