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  Dear Subscriber, I thought I’d circulate some free stories for your perusal. I’ve featured a few of these in previous newsletters, but having them at “click bait” reach can’t hurt anything, since they’re all free. They will all be featured in present or future print, digital, and audio anthologies and sold internationally. See my main author website if you want to see more of my work. AUSCHWITZ DANCER (WW2 Fantasy/SciFi)  CHINAWOMAN’S CHANCE (free first novel in series)  COUSINS (Poe time-travel) ALAS, POOR YORICK! (Psychological Horror/Fantasy)  FOREVERMORE (free first novel in series)  LILY AND THE TROLL GANG (Fantasy)

Exclusive Sale to Subscribers Before Publication

New Historical Fantasy Stories!

Art of the Heart of Steel

For sale $1.99 Excusive to Subscribers

Hannah Brade at the Alamo

For sale $1.99 Exclusive to Subscribers

Note: Use control and enter on the links if your mouse doesn’t work. Or, right click on the link, choose “copy link” and paste in browser. If you enjoy getting a story by award-winning author James Musgrave delivered in three formats directly to your email, then signup here. Thanks for your continuing support. James Musgrave San Diego, CA
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