Ida Craddock and Modern Day Artist and Surreal Painter in New Novel

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Sarah Bernhardt

She’s one of the stars in my historical mystery, The Angel’s Trumpet. Before David Bowie and Taylor Swift, there was Sarah Bernhardt!

Abraham Lincoln was shot inside Ford’s Theater, Washington D.C. In 1887, the investigation team of attorney-detective Clara Shortridge Foltz visits the same theater, which has now been converted into an Army Medical Museum for tourists.

But, the same mysterious “vibes” are circulating among the skulls, surgical instruments and garishly frightening scenes from the Civil War battlefield. Lincoln’s ghost, it is rumored, is also wandering about. And below the creaky floors, there is a secret that cannot be revealed until the final act in this unique mystery and political satire.

You can purchase all six mysteries in the series also and receive three free audiobooks as well.

New novel is coming! A friend and surreal artist, Katharine Louise Frost Hemingway, told me about this woman Ida Craddock. I had already included Elizabeth Packard in the third mystery in my Portia of the Pacific series, The Stockton Insane Asylum Murder. Mrs. Packard had also been committed to an asylum by her husband because she wouldn’t attend the church where he was pastor. She worked to pass laws to protect women being forced into asylums in the Nineteenth Century.

We are again reaching a point in 2023 whereby women are being threatened with similar “expulsions” because of their sexual choices, so I want to write a novel based on the life of Ida Craddock. I am currently doing research, and it will be a novel that will feature my friend’s battle with bipolar illness compared to the life of Ida. There will be both supernatural and very real details concerning the lives of these two women.

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