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Beautiful & Battered: Breaking The ChainsBeautiful & Battered: Breaking The Chains by Orkidedatter
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I’m a bit prejudiced, as I’m writing a thriller novel with Ms. Orkidedatter, and my empathic writer’s mind has already devoured her words with thoughts toward creating a fascinating character who is both an artist/poet and a fantastic communicator/savant with the abused and damaged mind. In fact, I was becoming so affected by the depth of her words that I couldn’t complete all of the poems in this very deep collection. As a Professor of English for many years, however, I can say she used some repeating symbols and blistering images that will become fixed within your subconscious and keep repeating in your mind in a very hypnotic and haunting way. I am so very much looking forward to working closely with this superb and courageous woman. She is one of a kind, and a credit to Norway. When she told me about her next “better” collection, and showed me a poem, I immediately decided to grow our “case” in the thriller from it! It is the Black Rose from which the sins will spring to reap a whirlwind of pain, suffering, and a final rejoicing when the “bad guys” are caught.

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