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I’ve added a new branded store on Amazon, which you can find here (the crowd photo backdrop, by the way, are young folks demonstrating against Boomers, of which I am a member).  As yet, my store doesn’t contain all of my titles, but I’ll add to it soon!

Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp

In addition, I’ve completed the first four chapters of my sixth historical mystery in the Portia of the Pacific series, entitled Stingaree.  The digital version will be special, as it shall be created in ePub3 format, which will include the following interactive contents:

  • Relevant, educational videos about life in San Diego during the late 1800s.
  • Photos from historical archives.
  • A special musical playlist on Soundcloud.
  • A professionally recorded audio book version of the novel for readers to use when they’re driving to or from work.

Finally, this will be the first mystery I have written that will allow the reader to “choose the suspect,” using my special “insert story” feature.  At the proper climactic point in the mystery, the reader will be asked to select the person he/she believes to be the guilty one, and then an entirely “existential” story will be displayed showing if the choice was correct.  If the reader chooses correctly, then he/she will receive a coupon code worth 15% off the next digital mystery in the series.

Plot Synopsis:

Clara Shortridge Foltz, Esq.

Clara Shortridge Foltz, Esq.

Wyatt Earp is investing in saloons and gambling halls in San Diego, and he is arrested for shooting to death an itinerant rabbi, Jerome Sonenschein, at the “100-Round Fight,” a boxing match being promoted by Earp in Tijuana.  Josie Marcus Earp, Wyatt’s common law wife, hires attorney-detective Clara Shortridge Foltz to defend her husband, and thus begins the action.

Clara has just moved down to San Diego from San Francisco (as she did in real life), and she purchases one of the twenty newspapers in business at the time, the San Diego Daily Bee, but she needs to supplement her income to support her five children.  These are the development “boom years” in San Diego, which were to end at the conclusion of 1888, the year this mystery takes place.

Clara, in order to investigate the Stingaree District safely, partners with Dr. Charlotte Johnson Baker, the real-life woman from San Diego history, and they form an investigation duo that the other newspapers are snidely calling the “Female Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson of the Wild West.”

Before the big trial takes place, the duo must show how Wyatt was acting in self-defense when he shot the rabbi, as this Kabballah Mystic was allegedly trying to shut-down the over 150 houses of ill repute in the Stingaree, and he had many prostitutes, including Ida Bailey of the Canary Cottage, as members of what Clara calls his “religious cult.”

The trial does take place, but the verdict shall be left for you to discover as you read this new mystery, as well as experience the additional “twists and turns” of plot, which is the hallmark of the Portia of the Pacific series starring Clara and her family members.

Finally, this sixth mystery’s special ePub3 digital version will be sold exclusively within the Embellisher eReader app when it’s completed.  However, you may enter a contest to become a “suspect” in the mystery!  In addition, all those who enter will receive a free advance review digital copy of the mystery.  The winners, in addition to becoming suspects in the plot (by name and 1888 description), will receive a paperback version of the novel, autographed by the author.

There are now three places you can go to participate in the contest and to read (and listen to) the first four chapters in draft form:

  1. Go here to enter the contest to receive an advance review digital copy of Stingaree and enter to become a suspect.
  2. Download the first two chapters in .pdf format hereListen to Chapter One “The Hundred-Round Fight.”  Listen to Chapter Two “The Vagabonds.”  Both audio files are read by the author in .mp3 format.  The final version will be read by a “professional audio book reader.”
  3. Join my “reader and author” Google Class (no assignments) to view my “work in progress” (enter class code:  ziot653).

Thanks for being part of this series, and I hope you join our Portia of the Pacific social web page on Facebook.

Author James Musgrave

Author James Musgrave

James Musgrave discusses his newest (sixth) historical mystery in the Portia of the Pacific series on Jennifer Perry’s Salon. Three readers will be chosen to be suspects in Stingaree, set in 1888 San Diego.  He also talks about the five women readers who portrayed patients inside his third mystery, The Stockton Insane Asylum Murder, and about how much they loved the experience.


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