New to Online Book Marketing?

If your publisher is distributing your titles, then tell them you will handle the distribution.  That will give you sole ownership and control over who gets it.  If you only had editing, cover and formatting, then you don’t need to worry about ownership of the titles.  The marketing plan I’m recommending requires that you be a self-published author allowing Amazon to have exclusive distribution rights.  Without giving Amazon these rights, you can’t get into programs like Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Ads and promotions.

For $5,000.00 payable through Paypal only to:  I can provide the following services per book:

  1. Establish your Amazon publishing account with Author’s page and fully revised descriptions of your titles for best algorithmic keywords and associations to bestselling competition titles.
  2. Establish your YouTube account channel for use with Mailchimp campaigns, your author website, and direct mailings to your subscribers.
  3. Research competition for one book and obtain prospective reviewers for your book to increase your Amazon Bestseller Rating (ABSR).
  4. Create YouTube video to promote your book.
  5. Brainstorm with you and create an eMail campaign and Facebook ad promotion based on a giveaway and/or raffle.
  6. Create promotion blogs on your website for best search engine optimization and eMail author newsletter signups of new readers.  If you have no website, then I can get that for you for an extra fee.  This website will be able to host your authorial presence, YouTube Channel, as well as to implement a private mailing list software program (PhpList) as opposed to the MailChimp service.  With the private mailing software, you will have no subscriber limits, which MailChimp imposes after you reach a certain number.
  7. Run a three-month advertising campaign based on the best keywords analyzed by using KDPRocket software.  You must have an account established for this purpose at Amazon Marketing Services.

That’s about it.  This will give you an inroad to new readers and also a way to progressively market and monitor new sales and advertising efforts.

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