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Orkidedatter Discussion

This course is a discussion by students and hosts about why sensuality, sexual intercourse, and what one does with his/her private body may be of no concern to anybody but the private person. And, if society does have a stake in what we do, how is this regulated and applied? Certainly, a “one size fits all agenda” usually doesn’t work. So, how do we compromise? Perhaps it’s how each person establishes personal boundaries and awareness concerning how our sensual beings are manipulated and used by others for profit, for personal power, and for many other reasons other than what is good for the individual. What we enjoy in the way of sensual and sexual stimulation is up to us to determine, within reason, and that will be the “theme” of this course. We will also discuss societal rules about this, as they differ by what the separate country and societal laws say. Who is right? Who is wrong? Why do we have these boundaries, and what good do they do for humanity? This course will use the metaphorical fictional fantasy, "Orkidedatter," to discuss and do healthy exercises in private about what intimacy means, how one can heal past abuses and wounds, and how we should work with others who want to understand how honesty is the only cure to these problems in our lives, if we want to prevent a “shame based culture.”

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This is where subscribers of EMRE Publishing's "Horror on the Installment Plan" can discuss the stories and horror works of author James Musgrave and others.

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