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Paranormal Mysteries

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Dear Subscriber,

Thanks for reading my little diatribe about being a “different flavor of author.”

If you click to see the assortment of paranormal and cozy mysteries available for your reading pleasure, you’ll see that I have one also. My novel The Spiritualist Murders is not at all a “cozy” mystery, if you read my blurb. In fact, I spent a lot of time researching the way women first had to obtain rights to even speak about women’s issues, and organize in public, in the Nineteenth Century. Whew! Extra work for a good review on Kirkus? Yes. I’m an academic, as well as a storyteller, so my mysteries feature historical facts as well as a good mystery.

I am honored to be featured along with my fellow authors in this display, as most of them sell far more copies than I do. My novels tend to be realistic and dark, in a lot of ways, as that was the historical truth, as I researched it, for women in the Nineteenth Century. Making the truth lighthearted and/or “cozy” is not my cup of tea or coffee. But that’s just me. I enjoy novels by Margaret Atwood and Joyce Carol Oates rather than “cozier” works of art. I try to write like these two women as well (in my best moments). We all try to emulate the ones we look up to, and that’s a good thing. People enjoy different types of fiction, just as they enjoy different foods, wines, and places to visit.

My appreciation for folks who write entertaining literature is not restricted. Simply getting folks to read is an accomplishment itself in these days of video games, streaming media, and millions of other distractions (like life). But as a former teacher and professor of English, as well as an author, I have (believe it or not) restricted time. Therefore, I spend it reading those authors I enjoy most. I like to think and learn when I read. That’s my prejudice. We’re all prejudiced, when it comes to creative works, aren’t we? I am honored to be advertising with these indie authors, and I’m appreciative that you are on my newsletter mailing list and even read my stuff sometimes!

Have a great weekend!

James Musgrave

San Diego, CA

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