I’m a “word guy.” I use them in my craft. I always see the “strange side of words” because I know they’re just symbols used to deceive us (mostly).
Take the word “patient” and how it’s used in medicine. I very much doubt the actual person who was getting medical treatment came up with that word to call him/her self.
In fact, when you’re in pain or discomfort (disease), the last fucking word in the universe you might call your condition is “patient.” Frantic? Horrific? Fearful? Anxious? They would come to my mind. Not “patient,” which means you’re willing to wait in a relaxed and happy frame of mind until the grand masters of medical science “treat” you.
Another word, “treat.” Not “trick,” which is what many do, like the nurse who used to give me a lollypop, while the one behind me jabbed me in the ass!
Patient. Blah, blah, blah. 😎😂 Here’s a word, “paintient.” LOL!
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