Pricing for App Installs

Unbranded App Installed on Your Server (should have Php-enabled and unlimited storage)

Perfect for Self-Published Authors and Small Businesses

  • We will install the app within 48 hours.
  • You will have full access to the Embellisher™ Creator Studio. Create your ePub3 (multimedia) and other formatted eBooks.
  • You will have an installation of the Mobile Forum. Gives you a “Goodreads-type” teaching and discussion platform inside your app.
  • You will have an installation of the PhpList. Gives you your own niche email delivery software for promotional campaigns inside your app.
  • We will provide a list of “opt-in only” mailing list brokers. You can find specific marketing audiences for your titles.
  • You will have an installation of the Embellisher™ eReader. Installs in three mobile formats:  Android, Apple and Google Chrome for readers to install.
  • You will have full installation of the Administrative component. Gives you full control of your book titles, promotion coupons and users of your app.

Note:  If you don’t have a website, we can get you one for $115 extra per year, and it will include a tailored domain name and unlimited storage.

Contact us to get an estimate.

Fully Tailored Turnkey App Installed on Your Server (should have Php-enabled and unlimited storage)

Perfect for Publishers and Large Businesses or Entrepreneurs

You receive all of the above plus:

    • Your app will have unlimited Author access for all your authors/publishers. This allows them to develop their own titles, price them, niche market them, and sell them directly to readers through the app and through conventional online publishers (if you wish).
    • Each admin account can have separate student enrollments.
    • Students can be imported and exported to LMS systems like Blackboard and Moodle.

In other words, publishers can afford to give higher royalties to their authors who implement this type of sales venue because these authors will be creating a unique market all their own to increase sales–and they will be in charge of it.

Large businesses and entrepreneurs will have a turnkey operation for which they can charge individual publishers/authors to use.

Contact us to get an estimate.

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