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For every person who joins my Patreon website, you will be able to download a free copy of my textbook Escape Web Addiction: Motivate, Create, Sell, and Educate (with instructional videos contained). This is a valuable tool for using multimedia documents (.epub3) to communicate online.

Textbook Description:

Bring Your Students, Staff, and Bosses Together

Right now, our Education Industry is fractured and divided, in the same way our electoral and political entities are.  This guide is for the Parent and Teacher Organization (PTO) or Parent and Teacher Association (PTA), Employers, Teachers, Trainers, Students, Employees, and/or other participating members who purchased or are considering the purchase of the EMRE Publishing Embellisher™ Creator Studio and ePub3 Reader digital applications.

It will instruct you on how to use the creation tools included on your new website (or installed on your present website) to produce any multimedia-enhanced publication you need to motivate, educate, and (yes) even raise funds for your school, company, non-profit, and/or parent-teacher organization.

Multimedia (ePub3) delivery of messages, projects, and lessons is the way your organization can adjust to the mobile audience of today.  In addition, if you’re a corporate entity, the security of delivery is also a prime factor in training applications. The Embellisher™ platform allows for you to create publications that are safe, motivational, and quickly delivered to your team audience.

I developed this system after 25 years of teaching, 15 of which were spent conducting distance online learning.  The lack of consistency and design in the Learning Management Systems (LMS) led me to create my own private network, complete with the tools to do collaborative work.

Once you join Patreon by subscribing, you’ll be able to get this valuable ebook. In addition, you’ll get all the benefits of being my Patron that are listed at the Join Patreon link.

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