Secret Access to the Asylum Five and New Contest for Fourth Mystery

November 26, 2018, San Diego, CA

Visitors to the new Facebook web site for the Portia of the Pacific Historical Mystery Series can go crazy right along with the patients within this innovative new mystery.  The Stockton Insane Asylum Murder, by James Musgrave, is the first mystery to feature its readers as characters and suspects right inside its plot.

In addition, readers and fans can participate in another very unique way.  In exchange for buying one or both of the first two mysteries in the series, they will be given exclusive and secret access to the group called Welcome to the Asylum.

This is where the five chosen readers, who are now insane asylum patients, speculate and plot their next moves.  Readers can ask them questions (remember, they are all crazy) and decide whether what they’re saying will give you clues as to what will happen in the upcoming mystery.  Red herrings, drama, and laugh-out-loud humor will, no doubt, ensue.

What Do I Need to Do?

In order to get exclusive entrance into the asylum, you must purchase a digital or paperback version of the following first two mysteries in the series:

  1.  Chinawoman’s Chance (digital, paper, or audio).

  1. The Spiritualist Murders (digital or paper).

The Spiritualist Murders

Or, you may pre-order the third mystery, The Stockton Insane Asylum Murder in digital only.

For each sales receipt you email to, you shall receive a free entry into Welcome to the Asylum’s closed group.  You can also send the moderator of the closed group a message, and she will accept your scanned receipt.  You will receive a free entry into becoming one of the five characters to be created in the fourth mystery, The Supreme Court Murder, in which a misogynistic nominee to the Supreme Court, in 1888, is murdered by an unknown assailant, and Clara Foltz, Esq. and her team must find this killer before he or she strikes again.  Finally, if you also leave a review of your purchased mystery, you will get still another entry into our contest.

We hope you can enjoy the creation of a new mystery as it happens and experience the thrills, chills, and excitement of being part of bold new experiment in fan fiction’s mysterious creation.  But, are you crazy enough?

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