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My job at Caltech/JPL in Pasadena was quite informative, as I was the Supervisor of Management Development there at what was then called the Industrial Relations Center. It’s probably called the Artificial General Intelligence Center today, and employed by Grade 23 supercomputer robots. That’s a Turing Test joke. We may experience such an explosion in technology very soon, however. In fact, it’s in the plot of the satirical story I’m writing now called “Mia for Mayor.”

Speaking of “plots,” my science fiction dystopian novel Life in 2050 is an homage to George Orwell, of sorts, but my novel contains aliens as a prime motivator for the action in the plot. Humans can’t always be the bad guys, now can they? Ask Putin.

Life in 2050

The Spiritualist Murders

As noted in my previous newsletters, which are located on my website’s post location, my historical mystery series Portia of the Pacific contains mysteries that reflect upon the present issues we’re experiencing. All six in the series show some issue and/or incident/murder that demonstrates how history repeats itself. For example, #5 mystery, Dark Justice, shows the time period when abortion was illegal in the United States, and both sides of this controversial issue are demonstrated in the action.

Finally, my Science Fiction speculative serial novel and historical mashup, Auschwitz Dancer, is getting some nice press coverage. MetaStellar recently put the introduction up for a read by their fans. Sorry, no “normal” aliens in this tale. Just the plain old Earthly ones.

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