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Good morning, all you sober (like me) judges! The only day I really enjoyed working on the high school newspaper was the issue for April 1. We made a comedy out of it, and I made the best jokes and photos of anybody! I’ve since written TV news, been a journalist for major newspapers, and taught beginning and advanced composition at the college level. But I loved April Fool’s Day in high school the most of all.

For example, one photo showed my friend worshiping “Sam the Spider” in our news room. Praying for “good surf.” I worked at Huntington Beach High School. What can I say?

Lady Gaga as my Comedic Foil

Quite often, I find, female celebrities (not males), when they reach “a certain age,” believe they must show or demonstrate that they’re not growing older in some way. Lady Gaga has her way.
I make fun of her in two of my award-winning stories contained in the collection Valley of the Dogs.
She continues to amuse me! LOL!  I might have to write another story about her.

The Brain Enhancer for All Writers

Continuing on the self-help theme,m y new book, ChatGPT Cha Cha, will contain a lot of “questions” that must be asked of your “leetle computer friend” to assemble the cool items you need to have at hand when you’re writing a specific prose piece. As with any search engine, it’s always how you micro-manage your task, and organize it into needed sources, before you ever begin to write it. Like a Boy Scout, being prepared is the key to a smooth writing adventure! 
Hindu Mandala
I use the metaphor of the Hindu/Buddhist “mandala” as the way to picture this task in your mind. The center is your focal point to use to spread outward into the variety of questions/results from the ChatGPT4 source. Like every task (and human), each mandala is different depending upon the writing task.
My book will be meant for the serious author/scholar who wants tools and not complete books, blogs, ads, or other (all-in-one) content to use. Most greedy folks want the fastest way to get something out there, to make quick money, but this is not that method. This book will show you, step-by-step, how to organize your personal needs for a specific writing task and then ask your “magic genie” the specific questions to supply you with these tools. All of this must be done before you write a single word.
If you’re interested, then go here to preorder your copy.
Thanks, and have a great Saturday. Go Aztecs! To the final dance.
James Musgrave
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