Sell Your Digital books Directly to Mobile Customers

Tired of Paying Profits to Amazon and Others?

Tired of eBook Pirates?

I have developed an online software program that can help authors sell their eBooks in the most secure and directly private way possible.  This method is especially good for non-fiction authors, teachers, and creators whose works have been pirated through the “normal” distribution methods such as Amazon and the other online eBook retailers.

My main competition are online sites such as the Canadian service Bookchain.  If you note, they do charge license fees and other fees, simply under the guise of “protecting your eBook from piracy.”  My developer tells me the only “almost” foolproof way to protect an eBook is by not having the complete book anywhere in the sales software, which my platform does and Bookchain does not.  My platform also allows for ePub3 formatted eBooks (multimedia and interactive).

My developer and I worked on this program for several years to ensure an almost 99% hack-proof program (he says that nothing digitally programmed is ever 100% hack-proof, so I must agree).  However, the idea is to slow-down the hacker enough that he/she doesn’t believe it’s worth his/her time to pursue the required stealth.  For example, eBooks sold on Amazon include the “keys to the car” inside each book they sell.  A hacker can de-program the book in about twenty seconds and have it up for sale on pirate web sites.

At any rate, the reason my program is so efficient is because the reader must login to a “live” app which never loads a complete copy of the eBook into the eReader portion of the software.  To pirate a book, the hacker must be able to download a complete copy, and in my Embellisher platform, this is not possible.

I sell this fully-functional program for $195.00 full price (no license fees, you own it forever).  I do provide an installation service for buyers for an additional $95.00.

The main advantage of using this method of selling privately to readers is the fact that the author controls all avenues of marketing, sales, and distribution.  The “downside” is that the reader cannot download a complete copy of the book from the Embellisher platform.  The seller can, however, send the buyers a copy through email if the reader is trusted.  I wouldn’t suggest that, as the main reason my platform is so secure is that it’s “live” online, and the reader must login to read on his iPhone, computer, or other device.  The reader simply logs into your online platform and adds it to his/her home screen.

I have been waiting until the piracy factor became prohibitive to authors and publishers before I decided to sell it wholesale.  Last year, eBook publishers lost $300 million to piracy.  I’d say that’s high enough!

For just $195, you can get a do-it-yourself, full ownership installation of the Embellisher (TM) Mobile Publishing and Sales platform.  If you already know how to do basic HTML, then you can install my program on your server and sell immediately.  It must be Php-enabled, and I advise that you have unlimited storage or a cloud resource to keep your multimedia.

Here’s what you’ll get, so you can start selling right away:

  • A complete mobile sales platform that will allow you to sell directly to your customers.
  • One of the safest eBook platforms available to ensure your eBooks won’t get pirated.
  • Stripe Payment System built right into the platform (charges less than Paypal and Apple Pay).
  • A Forum component built into the platform so you can communicate with your clients in private.
  • A variety of marketing tutorials to show you how to sell to your clients using the platform features.
  • Unique publishing features so you can create ePub3 eBooks and multimedia product home pages.

If you need a more tailored look for your business, then we can do that also.  Just contact us to see what we can do, and we’ll give you a cost estimate.

In the meantime, why not test drive your platform for free?  If you’re satisfied, you can come back here and pay your $195 to get a fully purchased software platform and all the installation components you need to start selling directly to your clients.  After completing your installation, just email an invitation to your current clients, and they can join you on their mobile device and begin buying your products and eBooks immediately.  Remember that your platform will be completely empty.  You decide who gets published and whose books you sell!

How to Install Your Embellisher Sales and Creation Platform

Pay your fee, and we will send you the link where you can download the complete Embellisher Sales and Distribution Online Platform.  Note:  Price includes full ownership by you.  No license fees.

Simply extract the program into a folder on your computer and open the readme.rtf file.  This will give you the instructions you’ll need to complete a do-it-yourself installation on a Php-enabled server.

Safe and secure selling using the Embellisher (TM) platform.  (Note:  Open the “Readme” rich text document and follow the directions.)  If you need help, we can install it for you for an additional price:

Want to Add a Free Forum Program?

In the Readme.rtf file you’ll also see install a free Web Forum platform (can be used by readers to interact with you and discuss your books).

No more sharing profits with middlemen.  No more piracy of your intellectual materials. No more shelling out a lot of money to online “secure sales” sites like Bookchain.

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