Services for Self-Published Authors


Vearsa International eBook Distribution for one-time fee of $200

Here’s what you get:

  • Your self-published eBook published and sold at over 1,000 online retailers and over 65,000 libraries around the world.
  • Your eBook is given all the advantages of full publication, except EMRE doesn’t take a slice of your net profits.
  • You are never charged for distribution except for the initial, one-time fee (Amazon, Smashwords and Bookbaby charge at least 15% of net each time your eBook is sold–as long as you publish it through them).
  • Your eBook has full metadata and ability to be categorized under unlimited subjects for widest online distribution (just like the Big Five Publishers). I also give you one-on-one consulting on how to fill-out your metadata form.
  • Your eBook is priced by you, and you collect all proceeds minus retailer’s share.
  • You can do online price promotions such as .99 cent and for-free.
  • You can do discount promotion codes for your readers.
  • You can do manuscript edits with no charges.

Digital Marketing Chart

Contact EMRE today to discuss your options and what you need to submit.

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Special!  If you distribute three or more eBooks with us, you’ll get a free installation of the Embellisher ™ eBook Marketing and Sales application on your server ($200 value).

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