Sirhan Sirhan Refused Parole Again and Sins of Darkness

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You think you have problems? How about Sirhan Sirhan, who’s been imprisoned in maximum security since the 1960s (I’m certain he has the exact date and hour written down somewhere), and in 2022 at age 77, the California Parole Board finally gave him his freedom to live outside the box (after 16 appeals). Nope. He lost his appeal again with another Parole Board.
Supposedly “liberal” California Democrat Governor, Gavin Newsom, rejected Sirhan’s freedom because he “doesn’t show insight into why he murdered Robert F. Kennedy in that hotel basement.”
The lawyer for Sirhan called me personally after I wrote my psychological thriller Sins of Darkness, as I had done a lot of research into the murder, and I even interviewed Sirhan’s trial psychologist Dr. Martin Schorr, a San Diego Forensic Psychologist who testified at both the Sirhan Sirhan and Jack Ruby trials. Dr. Schorr is now deceased, and it looks like poor Sirhan will be dying behind bars. Dr. Schorr explained exactly how somebody can be hypnotized into killing somebody else and that Sirhan’s behavior was exactly how a human acts who has been programmed to kill.
The film The Manchurian Candidate about the Chinese Communists in North Korean POW camps (remember them?) are featured in the movie brainwashing the soldiers, and both the Communist Chinese and Russians have continued with this type of mind manipulation oppression to this day. Look at the thirteen-year-old Ukrainian girl from Miriupol, Ukraine, today being used as a “propaganda tool” for the Communist dictator, Vladimir Putin.
By the way, Sirhan can’t remember most of what happened that night because he was programmed to kill by somebody else who wanted Kennedy dead. That’s my theory that I used in my docudrama, Sins of Darkness, and I provide evidence to that fact in the book. So, another paradox for you to ponder.
How can somebody admit to murdering another human when he/she can’t remember doing it? At least Sirhan is showing personal integrity by not “confessing to murder” to save his own ass. Dictators Putin and/or Xi would never admit they murder, or probably any other wartime leader, for that matter.

Best Pitcher in Baseball?

Wow! This woman, Jean Faut, had a career 1.23 Earned Run Average and her record as a starting pitcher was 140-64. It all began in 1943, when the men folks were off fighting the bad guys and somebody had to carry on the baseball perfect games standard, so she pitched two of them.

While the Nazis and Japs were screaming “Fuck Babe Ruth” at the tide of courageous soldiers and sailors making the world free from war forever (ha, ha), she was striking batters out.

I’ll bet Jean wondered why women still haven’t been given any opportunity to pitch in the Major Leagues. I wrote a story about a woman who did make the majors on the Padres, with a knuckle ball, but it has yet to happen in “real life.”

Hail to Jean Faut and her record. If I had that record, I would be proud too! I loved pitching, but I never had a perfect game.

   Eleanor Vance Paranormal Collection

Finally, for those of you who enjoyed my free story Eleanor, Willow and Tania, I have crafted a second story in a collection of paranormal stories that I’ll be selling about the fictional character Eleanor Vance from Shirley Jackson’s famous horror novel The Haunting of Hill House.

This story is set in 1879 in the community of the freethinking folks of Lily Dale, New York, who are and were part of the Spiritualist Movement in the United States. My story’s called Medium Summer. I did a lot of research into this medium group and about Abraham Lincoln, so I hope you enjoy it!

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