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Jim and Ellen

Curriculum Vitae

James R. Musgrave is a college professor, business owner, and developer of commercial and education software.  He holds a B.A. in Communications from California State University, Fullerton and an M.A. in English from San Diego State University.  He also has certificates from Caltech for Labor Relations and Wage and Salary Administration and was the Supervisor of Management Development at the Industrial Relations Center and worked with management guru Dr. Peter F. Drucker.

He was awarded a grant to Develop an Online Course and Multimedia Application: “The Grammar and Research Hospital,” by the CVC3, 2003.  He’s an Expernet Member of Giga Information Group, Norwell, MA, and his book, The Digital Scribe: A Writer’s Guide to Electronic Media, Academic Professional Press, March 1996, was the first instructional book and CD resource for writers of multimedia publications. He is the author of the online course, “Publishing an E-Book,” for notharvard.com for Dell Computers.  He was awarded a Modeling Effective Education Technology (MEET) Grant, 2005, for the Office Hours Student Research Assistant Template.  He has taught online English Composition courses using Blackboard, WebCT, Moodle and Canvas LMS.

He has consulted with Chemtronics Corporation, The San Diego Union-Tribune Corporation, and other local small businesses in the areas of computer technology and writing skills for business.  He presented at the Tel e-learning Conference ’96, October 2-5, 1996, in Chicago, sponsored by The Instructional Telecommunications Council and the PBS Adult Learning Service, and at the Tel e-Learning 2004 Conference at the San Diego Marriott Del Mar on February 21-24, 2004, sponsored by the Instructional Technology Council.  Topic:  “Creating Usable Resources for Online Students.”

He developed The Judge Jimmy Game, a VR argument and critical thinking court simulation for use online.  He developed the Embellisher™ Mobile ePub3 Publishing and Marketing platform under the auspices of his company, EMRE Publishing, LLC in San Diego.

His fiction is independently published by EMRE Publishing, LLC and was a recommended selection of the American Library Association’s Self-E Program, and his historical mystery series, The Pat O’Malley Historical and Steampunk Mysteries, has won many independent book awards and contests, and all four volumes in his series are featured selections around the libraries in the United States.

Embellisher eReader App

My new company gives a portion of all its sales to this Music and Memory Project. It also gives to our website members a resource to create family eBooks that can preserve a family’s history in a way no other technology can match.
We did this by creating the Embellisher eReader App. As the flagship mobile delivery system of my business, the Embellisher can deliver these time capsules at the speed of love, across as many family members’ mobile platforms as humanly possible. It is a private affair, and the person experiencing this fantastic multimedia presentation can hear the music, listen to the laughter, and watch the home movies of the family and its unique history unfold before their very eyes.
When my wife Ellen becomes enveloped by memory loss, as I know will eventually happen, I want her to be able to connect with her (albeit small) family, and I want her to enjoy her youth all over again: the songs of her generation, the life in the Bronx, the video messages from her family members, I want them all to be included in this little time capsule of love.
A funny thing happened as my labor of love began. I saw that my ePub3 eReader could be applied to growing businesses that wanted be appear as “family” to their clientele, and to authors who wanted to communicate directly with their readers, right inside the application. I was able to bring author and reader together, just as I was able to bring family together. What a concept!

Teaching is the Key to Learning

The purpose of this endeavor is to develop a teaching method to show creators how to implement electronic media into their own projects. These members of my Internet family can take my free Creative Writing course online, and they can learn how their creativity began in childhood, and they can see how to access this part of their creative history at any moment in time. Once they are able to see the world with their five senses, they are then ready to take my advanced ePub3 Creator’s online course.
This course gives them all the online royalty-free media to put into their projects of love. They receive the eText I developed, and they also interact with my online exercises, and get one-on-one tutoring from my family of professional eBook designers, editors and app developers, until one day they are proficient enough to create their first ePub3 multimedia eBook. It is like having your first child in that it will also cry, learn to crawl, and be loved by many others.
For $150.00, my EMRE family can publish their new product inside our Embellisher eReader App to be sold around the world or around their private family members’ mobile devices—it’s always their choice. Even when I am personally consulting with my business clients, I stress the fact that we want the reader to be satisfied with the experience. We know that a good multimedia eBook must leave a lasting and emotional memory inside their minds—one that can be re-visited again, whenever the clouds of dementia appear, or whenever the distractions of a violent and seemingly impervious world get them down.

With teaching as the bedrock upon which we build our creative family, we hope to eventually give back to the family of Man more than we take away. Thanks for being part of our endeavor, if you choose to do so. At EMRE Publishing, “We mix memories with your desires.”

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