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Dear Subscriber,

As a special reading and inflation-saving extravaganza to my newsletter subscribers*, I’m offering two stories delivered directly to your email per month for the same .99 cents subscription. You’ll save over $20.00 if you stay subscribed for the entire year of stories and 10 serial episodes.

Here’s what you receive:

  • The regular choice of one story from a selection of four different original stories by James Musgrave. Each story is described and rated for content. With this offer, you get a free registration on the Embellisher eReader platform where you can also read free and purchase ePub3 formatted (multimedia) books. The story selections will last for a year. Once you subscribe, you’ll be sent the first story selection of four different stories one of which you choose to be downloaded inside the Embellisher eReader and then saved to your phone or computer in three formats (.ePub, .mobi, .pdf).
  • A special delivery of the exciting Science Fiction Adventure serial Auschwitz Dancer as featured on MetaStellar recently. You will receive one serial episode per month delivered directly to your BookFunnel Library to read. The serial will last for 10 episodes.

So, pay the first .99 cents here and this will subscribe you to both. Cancel at any time. Stories last for once-per-month for a year. The serial will last for 10 episodes. Pay by ApplePay, GooglePay, or credit card.

*Note: All current subscribers to the story-per-month and/or serial-per-month plans will be added to this special offer.

Thanks, and happy reading! Feedback and reviews are always welcome.

James Musgrave

San Diego, CA

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