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Time in a Bottle

Song shout-out to Publisher Howard Price of Critical Blast in Arkansas, on Holiday Island. He has a fiction anthology coming out called Time in a Bottle. It will be on sale at his website in digital, print, and audio formats. You will be able to order author autographed print copies directly from me at that time. The above image is going to appear as a cover for that publication. My story Dr. Stanford’s Fear and (possibly) Cousins about Poe the time traveler, shall appear in said publication. The eBook copy of my story is now available for .99 in advance to my subscribers only, as is Cousins.
Ergo, this song by the late-great Jim Croce, whose wife built a restaurant in San Diego called Croce’s, which was a great tribute to his memory. Sadly, it had to close during Covid.
These stories, and others, are available in my subscriber’s offer, and I’ll send them to you at your BookFunnel Library email by Bulk Delivery.
Thanks for your support, and enjoy your new reads!
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