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Questions from Our Publisher Clients


Many of our clients are publishers who are transferring their titles into our mobile application.  Many of their concerns arise from needing to provide their clients with security, ease of use and, of course, mobility.  Here are the five most asked questions we get from publishers who are deciding whether or not to purchase an installation from us and my responses:

  • How do I collect payments from readers?

Answer: We recommend a merchant system called Stripe.  Why?  First off, they charge less than the other online payment systems out there, including Paypal, Apple Pay or others.  In addition, the purchaser who buys inside our app doesn’t have to go through any extra logins or verification the way Paypal makes buyers do.  With Stripe, the price pops up and the user simply enters the payment method and card number, etc.  The purchase is instantly processed and approved.  This is a much faster and hassle-free process, and it’s why we recommend it.  Of course, if a publisher insists on another payment method, then we will always oblige, but it may cost them an extra charge for changing the method.

  • Does the Embellisher™ Publishing App have a secure system for eBooks?  In other words, my publishers want the most secure method of eBook distribution they can get.

Answer: Great question!  Our app’s eBooks are even more secure than the Digital Rights Management at Amazon.  Why?  Well, technically speaking, when your book is encrypted at Amazon, the key to the encryption is placed right inside the eBook that’s being sold.  Therefore, it takes a technical person a matter of minutes to break the code and pirate the eBook.  That’s why many publishers are aware of so many of their titles being sold or given away for free on the Internet.  This totally rips into a publisher’s bottom line, so we set out to prevent that!  With the Embellisher™ DRM system, the books are protected in the best way because a user can read only a single page at a time from an eBook in their library, through the app, so the pirating of the eBook is virtually impossible.  The complete eBook is never stored in the app, so pirates can’t get to them.  The app user must first login to the app before the eBooks become exclusively accessible to them, and at no time is the complete eBook stored so that it can be ripped-off and sold elsewhere.

  • Why can’t readers upload their own books into your app’s library?

Answer: This is answered with the security question in mind.  By keeping uploads of other eBooks out of our app, we make the ones you’re selling more secure.  In other words, if the readers were able to upload, then they would also be able to access the other eBooks in the library very easily and thus rip them off and sell them or give them away.  We protect a publisher’s bottom line by having our library system locked to only those eBooks created and uploaded in our ePub Creator Studio component.

  • Why is having an app better than just having an online publishing and sales website?

Answer: Again, there’s the security issue.  It’s much easier to maintain security inside an app than it is on a website.  Also, of course, an app is much more accessible and portable for the user.  Our app can be used on any mobile device that has an iOS, Android or Chrome system architecture. We also can provide the only Publishing App that can create multimedia (ePub3) formatted eBooks that play flawlessly on any mobile app.  Readers can begin reading on their Smart Phone, switch to their iPad or Tablet, and finish reading their eBook back on their phone–without losing their place or having to login again.  For more info on why mobile apps are better to read on, read my blog post here.

  • Finally, can I allow more than one person to have administration rights on your app?

Answer: No, not inside our basic installation.  Only one person can control the eBook uploads, pricing, promotions and user interface inside our basic installation.  However, our new “turnkey” installation allows unlimited Admin accounts.  This means publishers can sell admin accounts to other publishers, who will then be able to run their own stores inside the app.  For example, I was just talking with a client who’s preparing to publish a printed coffee table book.  He wants to sell these books to college students who will upload their photos into the app and then he can create his print book from these photos and have them printed and shipped.  However, when I explained that he will also be able to allow each student to be able to create his/her own multimedia (ePub3) eBook inside our studio and then distribute it to their classmates right inside the same app, he was overjoyed.  Young people love putting together their own displays, and this would allow them to add music playlists, videos and other cool interactive stuff that could not be included in just the coffee table books.  I told him he could simply upgrade his $500 installation for $250 in May, and he was enthusiastic about the possibilities for social marketing inside the app, and all the other methods of communicating that only an app can provide.

We hope you can decide in favor of our application for your mobile publishing needs. Please contact me for a free appointment to discuss your options if you’re still on the fence.


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