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EMRE Publishing SciFi Title Makes Cygnus Awards Shortlist


The youth of the world have finally taken over in the futuristic SciFi serial novel, LIFE IN 2050, by Jim Musgrave. Marijuana hookahs in stores, sex in the streets, and no more war profits for the elderly elite of the Military Industrial Complex. However, one worker at the Ministry of Mindfulness, William Drury, is turning 40 in three days. He knows what will happen to him and he wants to escape Big Bro’s socialistic libertarian paradise. However, one worker at the Ministry of Mindfulness, William Drury, is turning 40 in three days. He knows what will happen to him and he wants to escape Big Bro’s socialistic liberatarian paradise. As a black man, he also believes there is a secret agenda of racism at work, and this fact pulls him deep within the inner party and its tentacles of influence around the world. Will you join William on this quest to stop Big Bro and the cult of youth in 2050?

New SciFi Novel Makes Shortlist of Chanticleer Contest

Readers can now experience the novel that judges say warrants consideration for the Best SciFi and Speculative Fiction Award, 2016.  Author and Publisher Jim Musgrave’s book was written as a tribute to George Orwell’s dystopian classic of Big Brother.  In it, Musgrave speculates what life in San Diego, California will be like in the year 2050, exactly 35 years into the future.  This was the same futuristic distance that Orwell took in 1948.

Readers simply need to install the Embellisher™ eReader and read the free first chapter.  You can then choose to continue the chapters in serial form.

Or, you can purchase the paperback version and/or the eBook.

Publishers Lose Three Billion Dollars a Year from eBook Piracy


The first question our publisher client from Israel had for us was whether or not our mobile sales platform, Embellisher™, protected his publishers’ eBooks from piracy.  In other words, was the Digital Rights Management (DRM) any good?  This was an interesting question because this publisher was one of the largest eBook sellers in Israel, and he explained that his country has never had to contend with the Amazons of the world.

“I created my own sales channels for my publishers because I had to.  We never had Amazon or Kindle, so we have always had to sell our eBooks directly to our customers.”  He was also well aware of the piracy problem in America.  Since he didn’t relish “giving away” at least 30% to a middleman (Amazon) and, to add insult to injury, lose even more money through piracy and other kinds of theft, he was really happy that our mobile sales platform had a system that was almost impossible to hack into.

In addition, we were able to work with him to be certain our ePub Creator Studio worked properly with the Hebrew language.  Our platform was developed specifically using open source (our basic platform was programmed using the open source Readium project).  In fact, he first read about our platform at Readium.org, and he was intrigued.

Now that we are breaking out into the wider market of the United States and Canada, we want to emphasize that all of your creation and sales should be kept inside your Embellisher™ app platform.  Why?  Here are five of the most important reasons:

  • You don’t have to pay these middlemen to have your eBooks sold.
  • Your DRM is one of the most secure you can get as long as you don’t sell outside our platform.
  • You can market directly to your readers through our mobile app, and you can also build your mailing lists categorized according to the author and genre inside the app.
  •  When you sell all your eBooks by mobile device, you can also open up your options to use our education platform in order to market courses based on your eBook content.
  • You must always remember that when you decide to sell through the less-secure portals like Amazon and all the others, you are opening yourself up to piracy.  We believe the rifle B2C business model will work the best for independents and self-publishers in the world of mobile reading.
  • Mystery Readers Experience a New Enjoyment

    Winner of the International Clue Mystery Awards


    All Books in This Series Selected by the Library Journal’s Self-E Program

  • Do you like short mysteries you can read in one sitting on your mobile device?
  • Do you like the option of having multimedia inside your mobile eReader?
  • Do you want to read the work of an award-winning author?
  • Follow these steps to begin reading the Detective Patrick James O’Malley Historical Steampunk Mysteries by Jim Musgrave:


  • Click here and register to access The Embellisher(TM) eReader.
  • Return to this page and click here to access your free copy of Forevermore, the mystery that begins it all.  Pat O’Malley, a decorated Civil War hero, is living inside Poe’s Cottage in the Bronx.  A vision of his former employer, Edgar Allan Poe, comes to him one stormy night.  O’Malley finds a strange note from Poe’s wife, Elizabeth.  The soldier-turned-detective decides to prove that Poe did not die in Baltimore as a drunk but may have been murdered.
  • If you liked the novella mystery, Forevermore, then you’ll really enjoy the enhanced version.  This ePub3 version includes insightful plot videos, Poe mystery games, and “choose your own plot” interactivity.  You can access the sample of this multimedia version here.
  • The second mystery in the series is Disappearance at Mount Sinai.  The wealthiest man in America is kidnapped in New York, and Det. Pat O’Malley has to track him down.  Access your eBook here.
  • Jane the Grabber brings O’Malley’s girlfriend, Rebecca Charming, to the fore.  Taken in their entirety, these three novels show the progression of Pat O’Malley from common citizen into a sleuth who must confront a time-traveling group that poses a world-wide threat. It is 1868, and one of the most devious and sinister madams in New York City is trying to take-over Rebecca Charming’s brothels.  Access this third novel in your cell phone or other mobile device here.
  • This fourth novel in the series thrusts O’Malley completely into the world of Steampunk.  Steam City Pirates was a Finalist in several international book awards, and it is a completely enhanced eBook.  It has originally created Steampunk music, an accompanying music playlist, and the superb artwork of Aryeh B. Bernabei.  You can view a sample of this multimedia ePub3 book here.

    Join Other Readers inside the Embellisher(TM) Mobile Forum

    If you’ve enjoyed this new experience in portable reading pleasure, please join us to talk about what you liked.  You can access our forum here.

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    How to Create a Short Campaign inside Your PhpList Software:

    3 Methods for Online Publishing: Choose the Right Method to Publish Your Book

    Traditional Publishing

    This used to be the dream of every author.  Getting a manuscript you wrote published by one of the major publishing houses (back then, there were hundreds of them) was a ticket to getting an advance payment and possible royalties (a percentage of what the book earned on the open market).  Today, getting an advance is about all you’ll receive with one of the only five major publishers still in business.  The advances, except for a minuscule number, receive an average of $5,000 total, but many are much less.  In addition, more authors are expected to go through the agent process, the marketing process (as in you have to cover the costs), and the sales process (as in if your book doesn’t sell a lot then you lose out on your next deal).  Since the publisher controls most of the action (cover and prepress as well as any big marketing expenses), you have very little say in what goes into the final product.  Some authors enjoy the security of this process, but many have increasingly been turning to the next two options to publish a book.


    This option allows the author to control every step of the publishing process (and pay for them as well).  The reward is that you collect 100% of the profits made from your distribution of the book.  The drawback is that you are risking your own money, and you may end up with nothing or less than nothing.  However, since eBooks and print-on-demand allow authors to keep their titles in circulation virtually forever, some kind of future profit can be made if you’re young enough!  Also, you learn a lot during the accomplishment of the different phases of publishing, and this learning experience is invaluable.  The biggest problems self-publishers have are not having professionally edited and artistically rendered content.  Anybody can publish on Amazon (and it shows!), but only those books that have professionally rendered covers, content and marketing techniques ever make any money in the long run.

    Hybrid Publishing

    The last of these publishing options is known as hybrid publishing, which combines the benefits of self-publishing with the distribution power and quality of a traditional publisher. Authors invest in the production of their book in exchange for creative control, retaining the rights to their work, and higher royalties (20-35% of the cover price for books distributed through a retailer and 100% of the cover price for books sold directly by the author).

    Most hybrid publishers accept submissions directly from the author and allow them to maintain ownership over the creative process including packaging, branding, and all publication rights. They also provide full editorial, design, marketing, and distribution services. The time-to-market is relatively short (usually less than a year) and hybrid publishers will keep a book in the market beyond the standard 3-6 months allowed by traditional publishers.

    Because of their adherence to quality and powerful distribution, hybrid publishers require a greater investment than self-publishers, but provide competitive quality, credibility, and access to national and specialty retailers, which is a tremendous benefit for those authors looking to build a national brand.

    Regardless of which publishing method you choose, take time to explore your options and analyze the benefits and challenges of each in helping you to achieve your goals. EMRE Publishing, LLC is one of the best hybrid publishers because we work with the author from the first creative idea until the final published book.  We also give our authors a three-pronged marketing approach by selling directly to their niche audiences using our Embellisher™ “3-in-1” App, which contains a mobile ePub Creator’s Studio, an Author and Reader Direct Mobile Communicator, and a full range of marketing and sales tools built right into the installation.  In addition, our authors’ books are marketed through our Vearsa distribution system to over 1,000 online retailers and over 65,000 libraries around the world.  We can create inexpensive print and hard copies as well as multimedia ePub3 eBooks to give our authors an additional “power house” of marketing forces to work for them 24/7.