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The Real Life Characters in the Portia of the Pacific Historical Mystery Series

Historical Characters Brought to Life

Author James Musgrave uses several characters in his mysteries who existed in history, including the main female sleuth, Mrs. Clara Shortridge Foltz.  Please click on the photo of each character to be taken to more information about their background and accomplishments in real life.  Click here for a brief list of Clara’s family members.

           Clara Shortridge Foltz, Attorney, 1885
                        Isaiah W. Lees, Detective
                       Ah Toy, Chinatown Madam
                          Mary Hopkins, 1848
                   Laura de Force Gordon, Attorney
                     Trella Evelyn Foltz, 1887
                        Fung Jin Toy, “Little Pete”
                       Paschal Beverly Randolph
                      Washington Bartlett, 1886
                       Sarah Pardee Winchester
                            Elizabeth Ware Packard