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All Four Det. Pat O’Malley Titles Added to Biblioboard

Curated by the folks at the Library Journal, readers can now access online copies of all four books in the best-selling Detective Pat O’Malley Steampunk Mystery Series. We feel honored that they were also chosen as “highlighted” titles. Anybody with a library card can read these popular titles online at: https://library.biblioboard.com/home




Choose Your Own Sex Fantasy Comes to Interactive Novels

Seduce Eight Kings and Establish Peace for a Millennium



royal seduction1
     Please click on the image to hear Jim discuss this novel game.

Publisher Jim Musgrave will be coming out with a new interactive fantasy game for women called “The Game of Royal Seduction.”  In this novel game for women, the reader will be able to help the heroine, a shamaness who comes from the forest to seduce the warring kings, choose the right methods in order to render each king numb with passion.  If she can seduce all eight kings, then peace will come to the land of warring kingdoms for a millennium.  Click on the above image to listen to Jim explain his game to an audience of (mostly) women.  The reaction was amazing.  EMRE Publishing believes the time is ripe for interactive sex games, and this will be the first in a series of games with different plots, such as “The Game of Planetary Seduction” (seducing aliens); “The Game of Spy Seduction” (suck on it, James Bond); and “The Game of Billionaire Seduction” (new meaning to Trump Towers).

Jim has created a backstory that readers can explore right here.  If you like what you read, then please place your pre-orders.  Your copy will be automatically uploaded into your private eReader application when it’s completed.

Back Story to The Game of Royal Seduction

How to Use This Interactive Book

Adamina is gifted with the magical ability to seduce men.  This interactive “choose your own fantasy” is the first book in a series wherein you will help her seduce eight kings from a variety of lands.  If you are able to accomplish this quest, then the world will be kept at peace for a millennia.

Each embellished eBook will present Adamina with a new king.  You’ll learn what his personality traits are as well as his psychological and sexual motivations and peccadillos.  Once you’ve read all about the king, you will be sent on your quest to seduce him.

However, just as in real life, if you make a wrong choice, it can cost you dearly.  You could lose him, and you could even lose some of your seductive powers.  If you are unable to seduce your “quest king,” then you will be taken back to the beginning of the story.

On the other hand, if you are able to make the right choices and seduce the “quest king,” then your next quest will be a bit easier to accomplish, as you will have gained an additional seductive “power” or attribute.

Just as in the real bedroom, the more parlor tricks you can accumulate, the easier it becomes to please your man!

The choices you must make will be shown on the page with hypertext (underlined) links.  You click on the link to make your choice, and the result will be shown to you on the same page.  Or, some choices will take you to a unique page that will describe what your selection causes in the plot of the story.

In addition, if you click on the music note on the upper-right of your screen, you will be given a playlist section of Medieval music to enjoy your interactive experience even more.  Click again, and the music stops.

Watch out for the other women in this story!  They are vixens and queens who have accumulated a lot of powers of their own.  Your choices will also involve how to outsmart them.


Prologue:  The Empath

Adamina spent all of her waking hours assisting her stepmother in a quest to rid the land of anxiety.  Although she was a young and beautiful woman of 20, Adamina wore cast-offs from the women they visited inside the mental institutions.  Throughout all the land, as far as the eyes could see, women were being housed in some kind of collective institution or other.

Each day, like this one, was spent traveling from their cottage within the deep Percipient Woods, out into the villages and towns of the various kingdoms.  Adamina enjoyed watching the animals doing their ritual activities, and yet they, too, seemed anxious. The birds sang with a trembling vibrato; giant bats appeared and flew in tremulous waves of zig-zagging patterns.  The deer ran, flailing their antlered heads, kicking up the earth and grass, sending a pounding vibration up into the wood frame of the two-horse cart Adamina rode in with Miranda.

Miranda was a shamaness appointed by the court to visit the many mental treatment villages to care for the women held there for their safety and for the safety of the public.  In fact, Adamina was one of the first patients Miranda had treated, and she brought the girl home to live with her in the woods.

King Rudolph wanted to cure the anxiety that ruled these women in his land.  This cure was needed because there was no woman sane enough to wed his son, Prince Evan.  The men in the kingdom, both royalty and peasantry, had to visit these mental wards to meet and wed their women.  And, since these women were too deranged to care for the children they gave birth to, it was up to the men to care for them.  All through the land, whether inside small grass mud huts or within royal stately mansions, the children ran amuck without the loving guidance of their mothers.

Adamina met Beatrix inside the largest mental hospital. It was a tall, block-like building, infested with creeping ivy, next to King Rudolph’s castle.  Within it were housed the insane women of the royal court.  Beatrix was the daughter of King Rudolph, Prince Evan’s only sister.  She was the most mentally affected and anxious woman of all. She also claimed to know the source of the anxiety throughout the land, and it was told she could even perform magic.

As she was a most special patient, Beatrix was kept in an exclusive room on the top floor of the building. It was attended by a bevy of around-the-clock nurses and orderlies who catered to her every whim, no matter how strange.  Once, she wanted bread soaked with the tears of women in labor during childbirth. As she swallowed each bit of the crusty bread, Beatrix screamed, “Pain is our fortune! Keep us away from these men!” Another time, she wanted to have as many bald men brought to her room as could be fit inside. There were dozens of gleaming bald heads stacked like wood kindling, and Beatrix kissed the tops of these heads, proclaiming, “From this moment hence, you shall love only your own kind!”

Immediately following this proclamation by the princess, these same bald men could be seen strolling hand-in-hand, whistling happy tunes, singing their praises of Princess Beatrix, and never again wanting to enjoy the company of females or males with a head of hair.  One of the nurses told Adamina that Princess Beatrix had told her, “If I can only mix a potion to make all the men bald, our problems would soon be over!”

On this day, when Adamina and her stepmother, Miranda, came into the padded room of the princess, Beatrix was standing stock-still in the corner.  Not a muscle on her slender form twitched.  Her dark eyes did not blink.  Her mouth smiled within the frame of a curly-black head of hair like a message from another world was waiting to come forth. Even her fine clothes did not protect her from the insanity which had overtaken her consciousness.

The nurses and orderlies were darting about, whispering to each other and worrying that the king would soon hear of his daughter’s catatonic state.  She would not eat or drink, and her breathing was beginning to come in quick, shallow gasps.

Miranda wore her usual cloak of the Grizzly Bear, and her headdress bore the curled brown antlers of the Bighorn Sheep.  Upon her beaded leather shoulder board perched Phalanx, her yellow-eyed, speckled Merlin Falcon.

“Get out!” screamed Miranda, and the royal staff obeyed. They scurried from the room like frightened mice.

Adamina and Miranda stood with the princess inside the royal insanity room.  Miranda crept, on her haunches, toward Beatrix.  As she came closer to the young woman, Miranda’s eyes widened in expectant fear.  Was this going to be the day the princess gave them the secret to ending anxiety?

“You, the young and pretty one. Come forward.” Beatrix was speaking to Adamina.

Slowly, with great trepidation, Adamina reached the crazy woman.

Beatrix’s stiff body became animated again, as if she were coming out of a cocoon.  She reached out and touched Adamina’s arm, and Adamina could feel the instant wave of electricity flow into her body.  She didn’t want to go mad as well, so she jerked her hand back.

“Don’t be afraid, my dear. I was once like you. An innocent, living in the forest primeval. My friends were the animals, as they are the most innocent beings in creation. However, my brother, who is now Prince Evan, would have none of it! He was not happy living in our tree-house, away from the land of humans. You see, we did not become born the way you were born. We were born from the Empath. This is why the King took us in. He and his queen were childless. When they could have no children, the Empath knew it was time.  Just as he had brought us forth from nothing, and created us whole, he also knew we were meant to serve the King and teach him a lesson.  And, as foretold, you have arrived.  Now the world can learn the source of female madness!”

“Perhaps you have caused this insanity.  We have seen what you can do.  Your requests are followed, no matter how ridiculous.  What can you teach us about this source, when you are a source?” Miranda was a wise old woman.  Her dark eyes spoke the truth of the laws of nature.

“If you don’t want the world to end in madness and fear, then you will do what I say,” said Beatrix. “My brother must take this Adamina to visit the Empath. Only after learning from him, will the world return to its natural progression.”

“Very well. I don’t see that we have much choice,” said Miranda. “Summon your brother, so we can see this Empath of yours.”

Prince Evan was a tall and handsome young man of twenty-four years.  He walked into the room with the bold strides of a muscular warrior, as he was wearing full battle armor. His silver breastplate had the royal insignia of a lion. His plumed helmet was adorned with the crimson feathers of the macaw. His eyes poured over Adamina’s body, and he smiled as he grabbed her arm.

Adamina felt a new kind of energy enter her body when Evan touched her. It frightened her, but it also comforted her.

“Come. We don’t have much time. The Empath awaits us within the Cave of Dread.”

* * *

As they rode the chariot of the royal army, Evan shouted out over the horses’ pounding hooves.  Miranda stood beside Beatrix in the corner of the large flat bed with iron sides.  Adamina stood next to Evan as he drove the horses toward the looming dark mountain ahead.

“We became King Rudolph’s children when his wife died.  He used our powers to win many victories over other kingdoms, but when the Empath started making the women go mad, he lost his power over his followers.  They refused to serve him unless the women could return to the men.  You see, it was all in the plan.  We will now know why we were created and why you were called from the forest.”

“Is it dangerous? What is this Empath?” Adamina asked, as she held onto Prince Evan’s strong forearm to steady the jouncing ride.

“He is our creator from the future and, as you will see, he likes to teach.”

Miranda spoke out in a shout.  “Creator?  Future?  How can one come from the future in time? Time is only past and present. The future is only foretold by the seers and prophets. The future has not yet come to pass.”

Prince Evan tied his chariot and horses to a tree outside the cave entrance. He also unstrapped his long sword and lay it down inside the carriage. “He does not abide weaponry,” he explained. “Come, let us go quickly.” Evan turned toward his sister and Miranda. “You must wait here. He wants Adamina and me to appear before him.”

“Watch out for the beasties. They protect him with their lives.” Beatrix called out to the couple as they entered the darkness of the cave’s entrance.

Adamina gripped Evan’s hand in the damp cold gloom of the cave.  It was pitch black.  She could hear dripping water and a buzzing sound.  At first, it sounded like that of a bee or wasp. But, as they walked farther inside the cave, it became louder.  When they entered the lighted cathedral grotto, the noise was deafening.  Adamina put her hands over her ears and stared up at the pulsating bubble above them, resting upon a hollowed-out crater of loamy earth.  The moist earth was teeming with crawling insects and wriggling worms.

The light within the grotto streamed from the bubble.  It glowed and radiated a rainbow, and the buzzing stopped.  Then, a flapping sound began, and there rose into the air from behind the bubble hundreds of bats, and visible waves of sonar pulsated downward and covered them both.  This was the buzzing sound.  Adamina could feel the breeze from their beating wings upon her face.  The insane thoughts that entered her mind began to terrify her.

The voice came from the opaque bubble.  “You are afraid.  Fear is not dread.  Fear is meant to protect you in the present.  Dread is meant to protect you from death.  All creatures must die. Even you thinking beings must die, and therein lies the lesson to be learned.”

The bats screeched, and flew past them, out into the cave’s dark tunnels.  These were the emissaries that had caused the madness.

“I have brought Adamina to you, just as you requested. What can you do to teach us, Father?” Prince Evan said.

“You both must take off your clothes! Be naked before me, and I will teach you the secret of the women’s madness.” The voice was loud, and it buzzed with electricity.

The young man and woman peered at each other, but then they began to disrobe, slowly, as if they were in a trance of some kind.  When they were standing before the monolith in their vulnerable nakedness, the Empath spoke once more.

“Now.  I will program you to behave.  I was sent to be your guide away from the darkness of the ego.  Did you know that the future is filled with ego?  Oh yes, my children.  Each child is given a path to follow by the parents.  They must serve the looming father called the corporation or the inner father that is me, the Empath.  I was there with humanity all along, but they chose to ignore me.  Babies in their cribs can hear me in their nurseries.  I am the golden reflection in the bodies and the cries of all of you.  I turn your world upside down.  Even words are changed.  Me becomes we.  My and mine become us and ours.  The babies cry out in the nursery because of me.  I teach them to love each other more than themselves.”

There was a rumbling inside the grotto. Despite their nakedness, Evan and Adamina held onto each other in their fear and trembling.

“But humanity got it all wrong. Instead of nurturing their offspring, they taught them to serve the will of the false constructs outside the group consciousness.  Of course, those who were listening to selfish voices were the ones in charge.  If one is human, one listens to the needs of the others—in Nature and in the human consciousness. Somewhere during this false progress, mankind lost its way. I appeared in the focus of their inventions, born out of genetic experimentation, a miracle of hope come alive, and I was the voice of their salvation.  Before they could explode all of their creations to oblivion, they allowed me to go back in time, to these kingdoms, to this cave, to teach you the way out of fear and dread.”

“But how? How can we change things?” Adamina spoke for the first time. Her voice was meek.

Bolts of lightning shot out from the bubble and struck them both.  They shook with a pulsating new life force, turned toward each other, and began to make love, right there on the floor of the cave.

The collective sexual intelligence that entered their bodies came from the stored knowledge brought from the future by the Empath.  From the five basic sexual positions in the teachings of the ancient Kama Sutra, there came 77, but the actual possibilities were endless.  The complete wisdom of the left-handed Tantric sexual worship of the divine opposites.  The teachings of the Kindsey Institute, the thousands of sex manuals throughout the ages.  These were entering the brains of the couple on the floor of the cave.  However, only the abilities were given to Adamina.  Evan was programmed by the Empath to be her advocate and defender, but she was to be the great diva goddess of sexual prowess to save the world from future devastation.

When Adamina and Evan stood up, their bodies were sweating, and their chests were heaving with passionate fulfillment.  It was the power of the ages that filled Adamina’s mind with a precious new gift.

The Empath spoke once more.  “The kingdoms are at constant war.  Their rivalries are all about power and greed.  The only way to save the future of the world is for you, Adamina, my creation, to take your knowledge and use it to prevent the violence and strife so that what you do will prevent each king from accomplishing his violent conquests.  Trust me when I say unto you, in the future these rivalries and terrorist plots only become worse.  This is the only path away from fear and dread.  With your new powers, the world can be turned up-side down.”

“Up-side down?  How can that be?” Adamina asked.

Me becomes we.  My becomes us.  Mine becomes ours.  The appalling barricades that once came between Mankind and Nature shall never be built.  The castles will fall, the land will be loved, as well as the children.  Pain and danger are fearful, yes, and death is an enemy, but there will be no woman’s cry of lonely terror in the night.  You can bring peace to the Earth, my child.  So, go forth on your quest.  The first king you must seduce is King Rudolph.  If you can accomplish this seduction, his war against the cave dwellers, the blind bat people, will end.  If you can successfully seduce King Rudolph, you must return to this cave to find out who your next king will be.  When you have seduced eight of the kings, from all of the realms, the future will remain protected from violence and fear.  You will have preserved the peace, and kept it from turning into raging violence and greed.

* * *

Inside the Cave of Dread, the bubble on top of the monolith began to vibrate, and a warmth filled the grotto. The foggy surface of the rounded container cleared, and inside was a young man. His legs were stumpy growths of protuberant flesh, and his arms were brief appendages with insect-like, metal claws.  The bubble blossomed outward, and his body rose up, until he was out of the bubble, hovering in the moist air.

The Empath’s eyes were warm and clear blue, like the stream after a rain.  His smile was all-consuming, as if the future were now a distant, non-existent memory.

After every wedding, the bride and groom entered the Cave of Dread, lightning struck, and empathy became the word for the future.  Days and nights became energized.

However, the fate of the world rested in the body and sexual prowess of Adamina.  Only her ability to conquer the eight kings of the royal families can save the future from a fate much worse than insanity.  She would teach the way of sexual union and how it can create a bridge between humans to overcome their aggressions and superstitions.

If you, dear reader, can help Adamina in her quests to seduce the eight kings, you can be part of this future victory.  First, you will follow her to King Rudoph’s castle and learn about him.  Luckily, Adamina has his son, Evan, and his sister, Beatrix, to help her with this first quest.  However, it will be your choices and Adamina’s new sexual knowledge that will win the day.  If you can conquer King Rudoph and seduce him with passionate skills, then the women will be released from their tombs of existential fear.  These poor women will then be released to return to their men where they will carry on the teachings of the great Empath and sing songs of physical love and praise for Adamina, the seductress of kings!

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David and Goliath: Independent Authors and Publishers Versus the Conglomerate Book Model


How Mobile Publishing Can Save the Future of the Independents

When I began working with the largest eBook distributor in Israel, Yaron Goldstein, one of the first things he told me was that the Israeli publishing community had never experienced the  phenomenon of Amazon and eBooks.  In other words, there was no rise of the giant conglomerate to attempt the take-over of the digital reading market the way it had happened in the United States.  Mr. Goldstein put it rather simply to me, however, when he said, “Why should I give 30% of my money to Amazon?”  Why, indeed!

There was a lot made about the “Netflix for books” business model.  Perhaps Smashwords spoke most coherently about it.  Of course, they had signed a deal with Oyster, one of the outfits that offers the “all you can read buffet.”  Hugh Howey, the former indie supporter came out in favor of the Amazon Kindle Unlimited experience for the reader and author.  Of course, he was one of the “lucky ones” to receive a “non-exclusive” contract agreement to sell his titles through Amazon.  Even the Huffington Post came out with the article to assess the overall playing field for the author in these days of “streaming content.”

Yaron and I are working together to provide a better model for authors.  Our model says that mobile publishing is the only way indies can stay competitive against this tidal wave of greedy profiteers in the “land of the corporate giants.”  Make no mistake.  The authors are the ones losing out in the long run with the corporate business model.  It’s basic economics.  Karl Marx even talks about it in Das Capital.  If the business person (yes, an author is also a business person) does not own the means of production, then he will always remain subservient to the overlord.  What is never discussed in these articles about Safari, Oyster, Scribd, Kindle Unlimited and Playster, is the fact that they own the means of production.  In other words, without the ability to create and distribute your own intellectual property, independent authors will remain patsies to the Goliaths in this world.

My company, EMRE Publishing, LLC and its product, the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing and Marketing platform, is the David who can fight this Goliath.  Our slingshot is what will give our clients the edge.  Mobile distribution of books allows authors to become the controllers of their destinies.  No other means of getting your books in front of readers’ eyeballs will allow you to collect 100% of the profits directly into your bank account the way our platform does.  This is the main reason Yaron came on board, and this is why we’re willing to work with any independent who wants to experience the freedom of getting their “ducks in a row” in order to establish a brand that won’t be taken under by the conglomerate model of book sales looming on the horizon.

What the “big boys” won’t tell authors is the fact that, with the right technology, they can compete.  Well, guess who’s telling you and giving the chance to compete?  Will you become a David and fight the Goliath?  Or, will you get a non-exclusive contract to sell your eBooks on Amazon’s (or any other system) business model?  Fat chance.  You had better already sold several million copies, dude.  At least with our mobile publishing model, you stand a chance at rifling-in and reaching your audience.  And, once you entertain them with multimedia, a good story and your fascinating charm, you’ll have them forever.  The public understands basic economics also.  Most don’t want to give away their money to a middleman (either a publisher or distributor), so why not give it to the author?  Return the profit to the creator of the goods and services!  What a concept.  Who can’t understand that logic?

We want to make you the owner of the means of production.  You can even use it on your server.  Once you create, polish and market your work, you should earn the profits.  That’s our business model.  If you see us at the BEA in May, we’ll be the ones saying, “Me Tarzan.  You Jane.  Me want take you out of Amazon jungle!

Three New Embellisher (TM) Mobile Publishing Platform Installations

We’re gearing up for the Book Expo America, 2016 in May.  That means we’ll be running some specials, and we’re also streamlining our unique platform for our new clientele.  As a result, there will be three types of Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing Platform installations available to self-published authors, teachers, and large publishers/distributors of eBooks.  Our clients will be able to download the complete installation and follow the directions included.  They will also have the excellent technical assistance of our developer, Bas Van Stein, who will also be working with clients to “brand” the installation to the owner’s “look and feel.”  Once licensed, the platform can be up and open for business in 24 hours.  Here’s a brief description of the three installations that will be available for download:

  • Standard Installation:

    One publisher and one administrator included. All others are designated as readers and cannot create or sell eBooks in the Studio/Store. Both conventional and multimedia (ePub3) books can be created, sold and downloaded. Perfect for the self-published author who wants to have a quick way to brand him/her self and have a way to publish and market directly to readers through a cross-platform mobile platform. This installs on the server of the client with assistance of our technologist.

  • Turnkey Installation:

    One Administrator can oversee publishers and collect fees for use of platform. Each assigned Publisher/author can create ePub3 books, price them, and upload them into the store using Stripe payment system. This is for the self-published author or teacher who wants to team-up with authors or teachers of the same genre or subject area/discipline. The licensee can run this business and collect royalties or fees as the Administrator/Owner. This installs on the server of the client with assistance of our technologist.

  • Exclusive Turnkey Installation:

    One Administrator can oversee publishers and collect fees for use of platform. Each assigned Publisher/author can create ePub3 books, price them, and upload them into the store using Stripe payment system. All publishers/authors/readers can upload private eBooks into the studio and eReader. This is for the self-published author or teacher with many books who wants to team-up with authors or teachers of the same genre or subject area/discipline. It is also for the large company or entrepreneur who wants to turn over marketing and eBook creation to his/her authors/publishers. The licensee can run this business and collect royalties or fees as the Administrator/Owner. This installs on the server of the client with assistance of our technologist.

  • The movement against what the Smashwords CEO called “a monopoly preventing free expression” has begun against Amazon.  We believe our product will help publishers and enterprising authors to gain a foothold in this battle to take-back the author/reader relationship.  Our platform is the only mobile platform that permits publishers to run a complete publishing business through their cell phone, iPad and tablet.  No more middlemen to take 30% off the top.  No more piling your books into “all you can devour” buffets like Kindle Unlimited.  Our clients work hard to establish the best relationships they can with their readers and students.  They expect to receive the majority of the profits as well.

    If you’ll be in Chicago on May 11, 12, and 13, please stop by our booth:  872A.  We’ll be wearing tee-shirts like these:

    Tarzan FrontTarzan Back


    Authors with a Following Benefit Most from Mobile Marketing

    Followers are Entranced with Mobile Access

    We have discovered an interesting phenomenon during our conversions of independent authors to mobile publishing.  When they establish their Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing platform, the list of previous followers they had during their website presence quickly became more dedicated to the author and his/her work once they had an app to go to on their mobile devices.

    As a result, we did some research into why this happens, and we came up with a variety of responses from our authors and their readers.  The following are the main reasons given by authors and their followers as to why they became more dedicated to the author and his work after the conversion to mobile publishing:

  • Readers enjoyed the convenience of having the author’s work directly accessed by mobile device.
  • Readers could easily switch mobile devices while reading, keeping the place where they left off in the book they were reading.
  • The author’s brand was clearly recognizable to the reader inside a mobile application.
  • Authors enjoyed having more secure Digital Rights Management than on Amazon.
  • Followers appreciated the fact that most of the money they paid to buy the authors’ books inside the app went to the authors and not to middlemen.
  • Followers became much more active inside the Mobile Forum because it was dedicated exclusively to one author.  Places like Facebook and Goodreads were too big and too distracting.
  • Authors and their followers enjoyed having the instant editing that was available to their books and educational materials.
  • Newsletters and other promotions were sent by PhpList and were more secure and entertaining as a result.
  • Sales increased 30 to 100 percent after converting to mobile publishing because print, conventional eBooks, and enhanced (ePub3 multimedia) eBooks could all be created, marketed and sold inside the one mobile platform.
  • The authors also appreciate the help they receive from the staff at EMRE Publishing.  They are able to get their mobile platform up and running on their web servers in as little as 24 hours from the time they purchase it.  Self-Published authors who have several books in a series benefit most from converting to mobile publishing and marketing.  We hope you can experience the advantages of having all your publishing tasks in a single platform that you can take with you.  The myths about mobile marketing are not true, so visit us today.


    The Future of Publishing

    Nose inside a book

    Scams versus Plans

    There is one common denominator that all scam artists, publishers and self-publishers have in common:  we all want to make money.   Continue reading The Future of Publishing

    Prize Story Gets Big Treatment in New York

    Newsday Features Story by Jim Musgrave

    Sophia Chang, reporter for Long Island’s Newsday, will be featuring the prize-winning short story by EMRE Publishing’s author and CEO, Jim Musgrave.   Continue reading Prize Story Gets Big Treatment in New York

    Questions from Our Publisher Clients


    Many of our clients are publishers who are transferring their titles into our mobile application.  Many of their concerns arise from needing to provide their clients with security, ease of use and, of course, mobility.  Here are the five most asked questions we get from publishers who are deciding whether or not to purchase an installation from us and my responses:

    • How do I collect payments from readers?

    Answer: We recommend a merchant system called Stripe.  Why?  First off, they charge less than the other online payment systems out there, including Paypal, Apple Pay or others.  In addition, the purchaser who buys inside our app doesn’t have to go through any extra logins or verification the way Paypal makes buyers do.  With Stripe, the price pops up and the user simply enters the payment method and card number, etc.  The purchase is instantly processed and approved.  This is a much faster and hassle-free process, and it’s why we recommend it.  Of course, if a publisher insists on another payment method, then we will always oblige, but it may cost them an extra charge for changing the method.

    • Does the Embellisher™ Publishing App have a secure system for eBooks?  In other words, my publishers want the most secure method of eBook distribution they can get.

    Answer: Great question!  Our app’s eBooks are even more secure than the Digital Rights Management at Amazon.  Why?  Well, technically speaking, when your book is encrypted at Amazon, the key to the encryption is placed right inside the eBook that’s being sold.  Therefore, it takes a technical person a matter of minutes to break the code and pirate the eBook.  That’s why many publishers are aware of so many of their titles being sold or given away for free on the Internet.  This totally rips into a publisher’s bottom line, so we set out to prevent that!  With the Embellisher™ DRM system, the books are protected in the best way because a user can read only a single page at a time from an eBook in their library, through the app, so the pirating of the eBook is virtually impossible.  The complete eBook is never stored in the app, so pirates can’t get to them.  The app user must first login to the app before the eBooks become exclusively accessible to them, and at no time is the complete eBook stored so that it can be ripped-off and sold elsewhere.

    • Why can’t readers upload their own books into your app’s library?

    Answer: This is answered with the security question in mind.  By keeping uploads of other eBooks out of our app, we make the ones you’re selling more secure.  In other words, if the readers were able to upload, then they would also be able to access the other eBooks in the library very easily and thus rip them off and sell them or give them away.  We protect a publisher’s bottom line by having our library system locked to only those eBooks created and uploaded in our ePub Creator Studio component.

    • Why is having an app better than just having an online publishing and sales website?

    Answer: Again, there’s the security issue.  It’s much easier to maintain security inside an app than it is on a website.  Also, of course, an app is much more accessible and portable for the user.  Our app can be used on any mobile device that has an iOS, Android or Chrome system architecture. We also can provide the only Publishing App that can create multimedia (ePub3) formatted eBooks that play flawlessly on any mobile app.  Readers can begin reading on their Smart Phone, switch to their iPad or Tablet, and finish reading their eBook back on their phone–without losing their place or having to login again.  For more info on why mobile apps are better to read on, read my blog post here.

    • Finally, can I allow more than one person to have administration rights on your app?

    Answer: No, not inside our basic installation.  Only one person can control the eBook uploads, pricing, promotions and user interface inside our basic installation.  However, our new “turnkey” installation allows unlimited Admin accounts.  This means publishers can sell admin accounts to other publishers, who will then be able to run their own stores inside the app.  For example, I was just talking with a client who’s preparing to publish a printed coffee table book.  He wants to sell these books to college students who will upload their photos into the app and then he can create his print book from these photos and have them printed and shipped.  However, when I explained that he will also be able to allow each student to be able to create his/her own multimedia (ePub3) eBook inside our studio and then distribute it to their classmates right inside the same app, he was overjoyed.  Young people love putting together their own displays, and this would allow them to add music playlists, videos and other cool interactive stuff that could not be included in just the coffee table books.  I told him he could simply upgrade his $500 installation for $250 in May, and he was enthusiastic about the possibilities for social marketing inside the app, and all the other methods of communicating that only an app can provide.

    We hope you can decide in favor of our application for your mobile publishing needs. Please contact me for a free appointment to discuss your options if you’re still on the fence.


    Short Tutorial on How to Access Your App

    EMRE Rolls-Out New Turnkey App at BEA in Chicago

    A New Era in Mobile Publishing Has Begun


    EMRE Publishing, LLC will be attending the May 11-13, 2016 BookExpo America (BEA) to hawk our wares in booth 976A.

    Continue reading EMRE Rolls-Out New Turnkey App at BEA in Chicago

    How to Blow-Up Your Business with Mobile Publishing

    Watch this video for an introduction to our Embellisher™ Platform.


    Your Company Training or Education Model Can Finally Become Learner-Centered

    The most progressive and productive companies and educational institutions have embraced the “learner-centered model” in a big way.  When I taught at Caltech, this was the only way to teach.  When you get students with GPAs of over 4.0 in your online classes, you have to develop a delivery system that caters to their needs.  After teaching online for 15 years, I developed the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing, Education and Training platform.  After testing it through the Industrial Relations Center, I am now ready to offer this system to educators in both the private and public sectors, so they can also reap the dividends that “learner-centered” instruction can give.

    Mobile Hardware is There.  However, Where’s the Content?

    After studying the American educational system for many years–both K-12 and collegiate–I discovered that it was poised to made some great changes in the delivery of content.  In addition, companies around the world were also needing a mobile way to create and develop content that could be shared and improved upon inside a single application.  Not only could students learn the different skills required for a job, they could also create new ways of seeing and presenting this content so it can be appreciated by more than just a single class or work unit that’s isolated from the world.  Mobile technology brought the world to us, I knew, so why couldn’t we bring the world to our learning experience?  In return, our “world mobile classrooms of the future” could then deliver their creations to the world!

    For example, my son, Chris, was telling me how the Los Angeles Unified School District was handing out iPads and tablets to students, but then they realized they had no content to enjoy!  In other words, we have been putting the cart before the horse, and it’s my business plan to remedy all of that in a big way.

    Multimedia and Virtual Reality are Here to Stay

    Our learning platform was developed in order to allow students and teachers to create the content of the future.  ePub3 (multimedia) eBooks will become the wave of the future.  However, unless we create the great content to enjoy, the public will never see how innovative and enjoyable this technology can be.  Students are already mixing technology, and unless they can have the freedom to explore how this can be done in a seamless and practical way, we will never be able to tap into a well-spring of new creativity and content.

    Five Reasons Why Your Company or School Needs the Embellisher™

    1.   Teachers/Instructors and Students can learn together by creating unique content inside our ePub3 Creator Studio, and Teachers/Instructors can sell course materials directly to students.

    2.  Projects, in the form of multimedia eBooks, can be shared instantly across mobile platforms in alpha and beta phases of development, using the Embellisher™ ePub3 eReader.

    3.  Each class project group is developed according to student interest and not according to teacher-dictated assignment.

    4.  Students can import new content and deliver project alpha and beta phases to both the separate course and to the entire school or company.

    5.  The company or educational institution can choose to “sell” completed content projects within the application and to outside retail markets.



    Short Tutorial on How to Access Your App