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3 Methods for Online Publishing: Choose the Right Method to Publish Your Book

Traditional Publishing

This used to be the dream of every author.  Getting a manuscript you wrote published by one of the major publishing houses (back then, there were hundreds of them) was a ticket to getting an advance payment and possible royalties (a percentage of what the book earned on the open market).  Today, getting an advance is about all you’ll receive with one of the only five major publishers still in business.  The advances, except for a minuscule number, receive an average of $5,000 total, but many are much less.  In addition, more authors are expected to go through the agent process, the marketing process (as in you have to cover the costs), and the sales process (as in if your book doesn’t sell a lot then you lose out on your next deal).  Since the publisher controls most of the action (cover and prepress as well as any big marketing expenses), you have very little say in what goes into the final product.  Some authors enjoy the security of this process, but many have increasingly been turning to the next two options to publish a book.


This option allows the author to control every step of the publishing process (and pay for them as well).  The reward is that you collect 100% of the profits made from your distribution of the book.  The drawback is that you are risking your own money, and you may end up with nothing or less than nothing.  However, since eBooks and print-on-demand allow authors to keep their titles in circulation virtually forever, some kind of future profit can be made if you’re young enough!  Also, you learn a lot during the accomplishment of the different phases of publishing, and this learning experience is invaluable.  The biggest problems self-publishers have are not having professionally edited and artistically rendered content.  Anybody can publish on Amazon (and it shows!), but only those books that have professionally rendered covers, content and marketing techniques ever make any money in the long run.

Hybrid Publishing

The last of these publishing options is known as hybrid publishing, which combines the benefits of self-publishing with the distribution power and quality of a traditional publisher. Authors invest in the production of their book in exchange for creative control, retaining the rights to their work, and higher royalties (20-35% of the cover price for books distributed through a retailer and 100% of the cover price for books sold directly by the author).

Most hybrid publishers accept submissions directly from the author and allow them to maintain ownership over the creative process including packaging, branding, and all publication rights. They also provide full editorial, design, marketing, and distribution services. The time-to-market is relatively short (usually less than a year) and hybrid publishers will keep a book in the market beyond the standard 3-6 months allowed by traditional publishers.

Because of their adherence to quality and powerful distribution, hybrid publishers require a greater investment than self-publishers, but provide competitive quality, credibility, and access to national and specialty retailers, which is a tremendous benefit for those authors looking to build a national brand.

Regardless of which publishing method you choose, take time to explore your options and analyze the benefits and challenges of each in helping you to achieve your goals. EMRE Publishing, LLC is one of the best hybrid publishers because we work with the author from the first creative idea until the final published book.  We also give our authors a three-pronged marketing approach by selling directly to their niche audiences using our Embellisher™ “3-in-1” App, which contains a mobile ePub Creator’s Studio, an Author and Reader Direct Mobile Communicator, and a full range of marketing and sales tools built right into the installation.  In addition, our authors’ books are marketed through our Vearsa distribution system to over 1,000 online retailers and over 65,000 libraries around the world.  We can create inexpensive print and hard copies as well as multimedia ePub3 eBooks to give our authors an additional “power house” of marketing forces to work for them 24/7.

Advice for Our New Members

Five Steps to Get the Most Out of Your New Installation

We’ve had quite a few new members ask about how they can get the most out of the new installation of their EMRE 3-in-1 Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing, Reading and Marketing App.

Our techs will be helping you with the installation on your server, but there are some things you can do before your install is completed.  Here are five steps of advice you can take to prepare yourself for your new duties as a publisher:

1.  Take the tutorials to use the Embellisher™ ePub Creator.  These tutorials will also be available inside the studio, and you will have premium membership.  In addition, you will also have access to the document templates and the specially-designed templates to use in your projects.

2.  Learn how to market your books once they’ve been created.

3.  Learn how to use the various marketing techniques available with your 3-in-1 app.

4.  If needed, take the basic and advanced ePub Creation Courses.  These are both free to those who have purchased the installation.

5.  Follow Roy’s adventures in money-making marketing using the Embellisher™ marketing system.  Roy’s Adventures

Why Publishers Should Like Apps

Are you a truly free publisher?


When I read the article in the Technology Review entitled “Why Publishers Don’t Like Apps,” it helped inspire me to start my business.  Besides being a Caltech guy, I truly believed apps could answer all the problems raised in this article written by the editor of the MIT magazine.  Like a lot of journalists, Mr. Pontin wasn’t really aware of the technology developed right under his proverbial “nose.”

That same year, 2012, the final 3.01 version of ePub3 was approved by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF).  One of the best creations to come out of that new standard was the open source Readium Chrome eReader.  It was this invention that led to EMRE Publishing, LLC and our development of the Embellisher™ Mobile Creation, Publishing and Marketing System.  We have answered all of the criticisms made in Pontin’s article, so please allow me to go over them, one-at-a-time:

1.  Apple demanded a 30 percent cut on all single copies sold through iTunes.

Oh yes, my my, Apple.  One of the wealthiest corporations in the world in 2015.  They didn’t get there by coddling other companies and especially other publishers.  With open source, we learned to work around the Apple gorillas in the room.  With the Embellisher™ system, publishers can deliver their magazines in ePub3 format to the reader directly by instant messages, bypassing the hairy brutes like Apple and Amazon.  Thus, no profit is lost on selling those single copies in iTunes, so lamented by Mr. Editor back in 2012.

2.  It turned out that it wasn’t at all that simple to adapt print publications to apps.

Whoops, MIT, I see you got the entire thing backwards, as usual.  Instead of rushing around trying to please everybody, why not do what CEO Jonny Kaldor talked about at the 2015 London Book Fair?   Our publishers drive their content through our ePub3 Creator Studio and eReader, cross-channels, to all mobile devices at one time.  Silly Mr. Pontin.  The answer was again in front of your nose, but you got it reversed.  Instead of creating all those versions of your publication for the different devices, all you needed to do was create one version that could adapt easily to all those devices.  That’s what we did!

3.  Software development of apps was much harder than publishers had anticipated.

Oh boy.  Again, you were trying to please the “big apes,” rather than using the Occam’s razor model of logic that we use at Caltech.  Bypass all that gnarly proprietary code by using open source code (i.e., the Readium eReader) as the backbone of your app (like we did at EMRE Publishing).

4.  Readers felt they were “boxed-in” when using an app.  There was no “linky-ness” because they couldn’t connect to the outside Internet.

Hey, it’s 2015, dummy!  Our readers at EMRE can connect outside anytime they wish.  Our authors and publishers use links in the best ways possible:  to market, to create, and to connect intimately with their readers!  In fact, the ads inside our ePub3 books can be constructed so they can be accessed by Google in many more ways, thus providing advertisers with a much better user experience when interacting with their ads.

5.  Conde’ Nast saw its digital sales increase by 268 percent last year after Apple introduced an iPad app called “Newsstand.”

Oh, okay, so you let Apple come up with the app first.  What kind of MIT profundity is that?  At Caltech, we take the bull by the horns and create our own!  My developers can match your problem with an immediate answer any day.

In summary, the real answer to this gripe session by the MIT editor is to put away conventional journalism and begin to think like a mobile developer!  That’s what we did, and we think we’ve solved all those so-called “problems” in the best way possible.  We not only by-pass the middlemen (those app-hating apes, Apple and Amazon), but we build brands for publishers from the ground up:  with open source flexibility!

Thanks for letting me share.

CEO Jim Musgrave and wife Ellen
EMRE CEO Jim Musgrave and wife Ellen


New Additions to Embellisher

Want to Be Your Own Mobile Oyster or Scribd?



One of the newest additions to the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing and Marketing System is a way to charge one price for unlimited reading of your titles.  Yes, just the way Scribd and Amazon are doing it.  As the owner of the self-install of our flagship product, you’ll be able to sell multimedia , conventional, newspapers, magazines or even audiobooks for a single price, with a click of a button.  It’s built right inside the Administration back-end of your system, and you can designate which users you want to become part of this sales extravaganza.  The reader simply needs to pay for this feature, and then you designate her as getting all eBooks for free.  Imagine all the readers you’ll get inside the eReader once they know you charge a single price for all they can read!

The advantage of your selling using the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing and Marketing System is that you’ll be able to sell to niche audiences that want to read a lot of books in a certain genre.  Just follow our Five Step Plan, and you’ll soon have readers signing up for your titles.

Download in Three Formats

We have also added two other versions of downloads for those Administrators who want to save their creations in .mobi or .pdf. digital formats.  Of course, the only version that can be read completely (all videos and playlists) inside our Embellisher™ eReader is the .epub3 format.  Therefore, one should not try to save an eBook that is created with video or with a music playlist in .pdf or .mobi, because it will not be readable (or sellable) inside any other eReader.  Of course, if you create a conventional eBook (without multimedia), you’ll be able to download and sell it using the .mobi (Amazon Kindle) or .epub (Apple iBooks) formats.  This is important to the author who wants to deliver in these formats to add to her profits.

Sell Your Print on Demand Titles


We know that readers are still buying more print copies of books, so we have made it easy to sell your books inside our system.  For example, if you sell a print-on-demand copy of your title, you can create an interactive promotional eBook with a video book trailer, an interview with you, and a sampling of the book, right inside your creation.  What makes this a great way to sell print titles is the fact that all the reader needs to do is open the app in his Smartphone or tablet, push a “buy button,” and she will automatically be given the interface at your print store at Createspace or wherever you have your print copies printed.  Here’s the link to our CEO’s fourth mystery, Steam City Pirates.  You would use that URL and simply insert it as a link whenever the user clicks on your “purchase button” inside the promotional eBook you’ve created inside the ePub3 Creator Studio.

Authors and publishers are buying our sale-priced self-install of the system before it goes back up in price.  You can download and install it for the price of $500, until May 31, 2015, which includes the complete eReader and ePub3 Creator Studio, as well as the full Administrative controls of the store and user interfaces.

12 Most Important Things to do Before Going Digital

The “Dirty Dozen” Steps before Going Digital




Even if you’ve never done any digital conversions or worked in the printing industry, you do realize how important becoming mobile is in today’s moving world. People are fast switching to their mobile devices for digital content, and Google has just announced that it will be giving mobile content priority over other types of content. Here are the most important things to do before you decide to go digital in a mobile way:

1. Do Your Research

Focus on the markets you wish to reach with your content. Let’s face it; it’s useless for you to put your content into digital format unless you’re going to have people who need to read it. Thank goodness, most businesses today understand the value of digitizing their content, but many don’t ask their clients whether or not they would like to access materials by their mobile devices. This is the key. Ask them by using a survey or questionnaire before you
begin to produce your content. We think you’ll be amazed at what they’ll tell you. Most users find it very convenient to use their Smart phones and tablets for business needs, and they are even beginning to read their books on these devices as well!

Creative Writing Course


2. Upgrade Your Content

Most digital content that engages the reader is more successful than the usually “passive” words on the page. This is a fact publishers must face to be successful with their published content. If you can plan to feature documents that allow for audio, video and interactive content, you will have placed yourself well ahead of the pack. The Embellisher Mobile Marketing System can give you the ability to produce that content in an “all-in-one” app. It can be on your site or ours. The suite of tools are an easy way to upgrade your present content into media-rich and interactive content. Better yet, we can show you how to do it.


3. Don’t Forget Your Advertising Clients

New publishers to digital media often forget that their advertisers want to upgrade along with you. Therefore, when you upgrade your content, you should also upgrade the ads. Did you know, for example, that ads placed inside the Embellisher™ Mobile Marketing System can be tracked by Google Analytics much more easily and with more chances for being recognized by search engines than the “flip books” produced by many of our competitors like Realviewdigital. Flip books only allow for image ads, which means they can only give “alt text” references. In the Embellisher™, conversely, we can assign your ads with HTML and CSS. The HTML and CSS technique is something we use to add advertising to publications. Advertisements are searchable inside the title when someone is reading a newspaper or magazine and sees a perfume advertisement but can only remember the item’s description or advertiser’s slogan. With the Embellisher™ system, they would be able to find that advertisement through search, but not so with ads inside ISSU or Realviewdigital ads.


4. Speaking of SEO

When you have a digital publication inside an app like the Embellisher™, your search engine optimization (SEO) is already included. We spend a lot of time and effort doing this, and when you upload your eBook into our app it instantly becomes searchable by Google and all the other major search engines. For example, our ranking is #1 on Google for the words “best epub3 ereader.” That means when your publication is in our app the person who searches on Google for those key words will immediately get referred to our eReader app! Of course, it’s always good to maximize your own website with SEO, and this is especially important when you’ve chosen to do the complete installation of our system on your site. Our SEO expert, Deepak, can assist you with that as well.


5. Remember to Opt for Optional Downloads

Many times, new digital publishers don’t realize they should provide optional formats to their readers. In other words, they may be on a device that only reads .pdf and not .epub. By having our system include its own eReader, you won’t have that problem. However, we do allow you to download your carefully created multimedia eBook in other formats: .pdf, .mobi, and .epub. Although, it must be understood that unless your reader uses our eReader she won’t be able to access the video content inside her eReader. But .epub3 formatting is not being supported freely by Amazon or Apple. They like to keep the profits, don’t you see? We at EMRE Publishing want you to receive those profits, so that’s why we have our dedicated eReader.


6. Prepare .pdf Files Properly

Make certain that your PDF has been correctly formatted for online. To avoid color inconsistencies when your pages are converted, set your color model to RGB and not CMYK when you export to PDF. When it comes to selecting a suitable font to use, it is highly recommended for epublishing that you steer clear of fonts that are either too small, too fine, too condensed, or too pale in color. Body copy should be created at 12-14 point font. When picking a color
scheme keep in mind that contrast is important, especially when publishing for online.


7. Keep Page Sizes Consistent

We provide a host of free templates with which you can format your inside pages. With a template already formatted for you, you will not prepare pages that look inconsistent. You must always balance the pages when you place videos or graphics on them. Often times, it is best to hold to a consistent style for all the pages in your digital book.


8. Keep Your Brand Consistent in All Your Print and Digital Documents

Since you work hard to establish a brand, you must also work hard to use this brand on all your website pages as well as inside your digital documents. Using a company logo, design and even keeping a CSS Style Sheet can do much to improve the reader’s recognition that they’re buying only from you—a
recognized professional!


9. Keep a Happy Medium between Reader Engagement and Non-Engagement

One of the worst things a new digital entrepreneur can do is to spam the prospective reader or client with too much of anything. Advertisements, emails or videos all amount to the same thing if they’re done too frequently or plastered all over a digital page. Less is often—truly—more in the digital world. Not only are readers’ attention spans reduced online, they are frequently adverse to any kind of extra messages from one company or an individual. Plan your
message carefully, and if you’re not certain whether something will be accepted or not, you can always ask your reader because our suite of marketing tools also includes an “Author and Reader Forum” inside your installation.


10. Understand the Technology You’re Using

Even though we provide personal counseling with our prospective clients as well as online classes, we advise all of our potential digital publishers to be familiar with the scope and vision of their enterprise and what they specifically need to publish. EMRE publishes a competition comparison sheet for that reason. Many of our clients believe our price is “too good to be true,” but after they realize we have the interests of independents at heart (our founder and president is a successful indie author and former Caltech professor), they appreciate that we want to charge what is fair to the independent publisher, with no greed attached. We understand the complex technology underlying the creation of ePub3 formatted eBooks, so we also know how to teach you how to create them.


11. Use a Happy Medium in Digital Interactivity

Again, less is quite often more in the digital arena. Some of the most successful digital publications have been created with a “less is more” approach to using media. The same holds true for interactive content. Think of the successful arena of interactive content, the Children’s eBook. One of the most popular was a little digital tome called “Alice in Wonderland.” Mostly, it moved—a lot—with the reader along for the ride, so to speak. By the way, this type of interactivity would be impossible in platforms like ISSU or even Realview. Only the Embellisher™ has the tools to
make an eBook like Alice happen.


12. Market, Market, and Market Your Creation Some More

Although we at EMRE Publishing try to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing, the fact of the matter is that any creator of applications knows he is a snake oil salesman if he tells or sells a client a “bag of paid marketing tricks.” The other eleven steps in this article were written because most people who want to digitize their content are not technically inclined. However, everybody should understand the bedrock warning of being a good consumer:
caveat emptor. The buyer must beware of any “too good to be true” claims.

We already mentioned our $50 total self-install price for the complete Embellisher™ Mobile Marketing System. Another “too good to be true” offer that is actually quite true is that business people who expend the most time and effort on marketing what they’ve created are the ones who become successful. First, you must believe you have a good product. Then, you must provide your creative people with tools like the Embellisher™ suite of marketing tools and train them to use them. If they know your vision and what you believe is the best sell to your clientele, then they will create a winning multimedia eBook that wins you customers. Just remember that we’re here to assist you every step of the way.