3 Methods for Online Publishing: Choose the Right Method to Publish Your Book

hybrid publishing Method

Traditional Publishing This used to be the dream of every author.  Getting a manuscript you wrote published by one of the major publishing houses (back then, there were hundreds of them) was a ticket to getting an advance payment and possible royalties (a percentage of what the book earned on… Continue reading

Advice for Our New Members

Five Steps to Get the Most Out of Your New Installation We’ve had quite a few new members ask about how they can get the most out of the new installation of their EMRE 3-in-1 Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing, Reading and Marketing App. Our techs will be helping you with the installation… Continue reading

Why Publishers Should Like Apps

Are you a truly free publisher?   When I read the article in the Technology Review entitled “Why Publishers Don’t Like Apps,” it helped inspire me to start my business.  Besides being a Caltech guy, I truly believed apps could answer all the problems raised in this article written by… Continue reading

New Additions to Embellisher

Want to Be Your Own Mobile Oyster or Scribd?   One of the newest additions to the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing and Marketing System is a way to charge one price for unlimited reading of your titles.  Yes, just the way Scribd and Amazon are doing it.  As the owner of the… Continue reading

12 Most Important Things to do Before Going Digital

The “Dirty Dozen” Steps before Going Digital     Even if you’ve never done any digital conversions or worked in the printing industry, you do realize how important becoming mobile is in today’s moving world. People are fast switching to their mobile devices for digital content, and Google has just announced… Continue reading