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EMRE Publishing Welcomes the Gould Bar Review

Gould bar review (outlined)

Patrick Gould, Esq.
Patrick Gould, Esq.

Our new client, Patrick Gould, Esq., was very interested about working with somebody who could get him into the mobile publishing delivery of his law school bar review business.  When I met him at the Chicago Book Expo America, we had a good conversation about what he does and what he wanted to do.  I really appreciated Patrick’s approach to getting the best possible app for his needs.  In fact, I wanted to write this article so that other prospective clients can see how one should go about finding a mobile application developer with whom you can do business.

First of all, Patrick hired a technical person to interview prospective app developers to see which one did exactly what he needed done for his needs.  After I talked with this person, Patrick was pleased with the information he got about us, and we moved into the specifics of his business needs.  Any good business person always knows the competition, and Patrick was no exception.  The other deliverers of bar training materials, including some multi-million dollar outfits like Kaplan, had some very poor ratings for their apps.  Most of the problems had to do with the syncing problem and the video loading problems inside the apps.

Therefore, I explained to Patrick that this was an excellent time for him to move into the market with the best app to deliver his materials to the students in the best way possible.  Social marketing is vital to the life of a business predicated upon technology and the delivery of educational content.  I told Patrick that his new business app would not have a problem with the syncing of materials to the user’s mobile device because our app doesn’t allow local access of files.  The user must be connected to the Internet to use the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing app.  This provides the user with instant syncing with the educational materials, and, most importantly, the materials cannot be stolen.  Our product is not strictly an app, it is a so-called “web app”. In other words, users do not install the app from a Playstore but instead visit a website which is optimized for mobile phone usage.  The user must be logged into the app and connected to the Internet in order to be able to use the materials.  The video problems are alleviated with our app by installing the videos on Vimeo and then embedding the video inside an eBook using our ePub3 Creator Studio.  Whenever the video is uploaded into the app, it will have a problem with loading when the user tries to view the video.  Because we “stream” the video from Vimeo’s server, there is no loading needed.  Also, we don’t use YouTube because of the advertisements that get placed inside the videos and interrupt the viewing enjoyment.  Hackers do this to increase revenue, but we don’t want our users being side-tracked by some other company’s ads.

Patrick purchased our Turnkey Installation for $250.  He also needed a Php-enabled website, so we sold him that also, with the domain name of GouldBarReview.com included, for $100.00.

Finally, we worked with Patrick to show him how to use his new app and the creator studio that comes with it.  We set-up a one-on-one webinar to show him the steps required to create a simple ePub3 eBook, embed a video, and include other teaching materials for his students.  In addition, we instructed him on the use of the Administrative side of the app where he can price his courses and even include coupon discounts.  Finally, we explained to him that because he has licensed our top-of-the-line installation, he will be able to expand his business in the future by allowing other instructors to have their own courses to sell inside his app.  In other words, each instructor can have his/her own Administrator login and creator studio account, and Patrick can collect a fee from the instructor for using it.  In other words, only the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing platform allows for expanding into the publishing and education business.  In fact, entire school districts use our app to do this, allowing each teacher to have his/her own Administration account.

Patrick G. Gould, Esquire, is a Member of the Chicago Bar Association (CBA), the Wisconsin Bar Association (WBA), the American Bar Association (ABA), and the American Educational Research Association (AERA).  He earned a graduate degree in the Learning Sciences, from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, in 2009, and employs a blended learning approach in teaching basic learning skills to law students.

Before I schedule your installation, and a webinar to instruct you about how to use your new app and studio, we need the following from you:

        1.  Final approval on the logo you want to use.
        2.  A photo of you to be used on the welcome page.
        3.  A short description of what you want the student to know on the welcome page.

Also, I wanted to get more technically into why your app will be far superior to the ones that are downloaded from the Google Play and iTunes websites.

  • The syncing problems come about because Google and Apple require certain coding that prohibits video and interactive Javascript from functioning well.  Therefore, the big companies’ apps cannot sync well across platforms being used by the user, especially when not connected to the Internet.
  • Since our product is not technically an “app” (meaning it requires all the proprietary coding of the big companies), it is better streamlined into what’s called a “web app.”  A web app allows our developer to create a platform that syncs content smoothly across all mobile devices, including cell phones.  Most importantly, because our web app requires a connection to the Internet in order for the student to use it, it has a security system far superior to Google Play, iTunes or Amazon apps.  eBooks inside the Embellisher™ cannot be copied or downloaded to a local file, and only a single page loads inside the eReader at a time.
  • In addition, the videos and other interactive content will instantly stream inside your web app because you’ll be embedding the code from a superior streaming service:  Vimeo.  Vimeo is a better streaming service than YouTube because hackers aren’t able to insert their ads inside your video to distract the viewers.  This is why your videos will load immediately, as opposed to the instructional videos inside the Kaplan or other big company bar review apps.
  • Finally, because you’ll be social or what’s called “pull marketing,” you need a content delivery platform that is the most flexible.  Having a web app is the best way to keep your students coming back to a place that will keep a complete database of their materials, and their personal information remains secure and in one location.

Please let me know about the three items, so I can schedule our installation on your new web app domain, GouldBarReview.com and our online instructional “show and tell.”


Jim Musgrave

EMRE Publishing, LLC
San Diego, CA 92159
Cell:  619-750-7360
Gould is open to requests for speaking engagements, related to learning in general, and legal learning in particular.


BookShots Come Up Short

Abby Hoffman Said, “Steal This Book.”

Abbie Hoffman, Yippie, New York, September 11, 1968


I was interested in the new BookShot eBooks that popular novelist James Patterson was publishing.  My Detective Pat O’Malley Series was also predicated on the fact that readers don’t have the time to read long books, so none of my titles runs much over 40,000 words.  The American Library Association liked my idea so much they published all of my series titles as “highlighted” novels throughout the libraries of the United States.  In most word-counting systems, a novel today comes in at a minimum of 40,000 words, so I wanted my books to be on the lighter side.  Patterson is now coming out with an even shorter eBook, so I wanted to see what he had to offer.

When Abby Hoffman said, “Steal this book,” back in the 1970s, there were no eBooks.  He meant that the reader should literally steal his paperback.  Flash-forward to 2016, and readers can steal eBooks with no trouble as long as publishers allow the DRM of an Amazon or an iBooks.  Anybody right now can do a search for “Cross Kill and torrents” and get a download of the complete BookShot.  This is why publishers are losing three billion dollars per year (and climbing).

I developed my business because publishers and authors were getting ripped-off to the tune of three billion dollars per year with book piracy.  My eReader has an excellent Digital Rights Management system.   If publishers use my system, they can prevent eBook piracy.  However, if the book is poorly written, I can’t help them.  If one reads the negative comments on Amazon, one can see that the major disappointment of these readers is that fact that his BookShot title Cross Kill is not a complete story.  In other words, in his eagerness to lead the reader into the next serial, Patterson forgot that when a reader plunks down money (forget the piracy for a moment), he or she wants a complete drama with no “cliff-hangers.”

I submit that unless and until publishers learn to create stories that can be total experiences for the reader, and still come in at less than 150 pages, they will not win at the BookShot game.  Also, unless and until publishers learn that good DRM helps the publisher and the author make money, then we will eventually not have to worry about the sales of these books being poor because readers will be getting them for free.

Steal this book, indeed!

EMRE Publishing SciFi Title Makes Cygnus Awards Shortlist


The youth of the world have finally taken over in the futuristic SciFi serial novel, LIFE IN 2050, by Jim Musgrave. Marijuana hookahs in stores, sex in the streets, and no more war profits for the elderly elite of the Military Industrial Complex. However, one worker at the Ministry of Mindfulness, William Drury, is turning 40 in three days. He knows what will happen to him and he wants to escape Big Bro’s socialistic libertarian paradise. However, one worker at the Ministry of Mindfulness, William Drury, is turning 40 in three days. He knows what will happen to him and he wants to escape Big Bro’s socialistic liberatarian paradise. As a black man, he also believes there is a secret agenda of racism at work, and this fact pulls him deep within the inner party and its tentacles of influence around the world. Will you join William on this quest to stop Big Bro and the cult of youth in 2050?

New SciFi Novel Makes Shortlist of Chanticleer Contest

Readers can now experience the novel that judges say warrants consideration for the Best SciFi and Speculative Fiction Award, 2016.  Author and Publisher Jim Musgrave’s book was written as a tribute to George Orwell’s dystopian classic of Big Brother.  In it, Musgrave speculates what life in San Diego, California will be like in the year 2050, exactly 35 years into the future.  This was the same futuristic distance that Orwell took in 1948.

Readers simply need to install the Embellisher™ eReader and read the free first chapter.  You can then choose to continue the chapters in serial form.

Or, you can purchase the paperback version and/or the eBook.

The Future of Publishing

Nose inside a book

Scams versus Plans

There is one common denominator that all scam artists, publishers and self-publishers have in common:  we all want to make money.   Continue reading The Future of Publishing

Direct Email and Instant Message Marketing is the Key to Reaching Readers

Finding Your Audience Just Got a Lot Easier


Book Expo America is the largest annual book trade fair in the United States.  We have chosen that venue to roll-out our flagship application, and I would like to take some time to explain why it is the most innovative and cost-effective way to reach readers that has been devised.  My experience at Caltech taught me that leveraging technology for specific tasks requires a lot of research and development in order to be successful.  After my over 20 years experience as an online professor and instructor, Caltech Management Development Supervisor, and award-winning independent author and publisher, I decided I wanted to develop the best way for authors to get their books in front of their readership.  The result of many years of development is the Embellisher™ “3-in-1” Mobile Creation, Publication and Communication App.

Separating Gimmicks and Tomfoolery from Results

I wanted to know why independent authors were making so much headway in sales.  If I could create a way for new authors to reach their audience the way the successful authors did, then my product could be used by publishers to maximize their sales.  Make no mistake.  The key to getting readers has nothing to do with spending the most money on marketing gimmicks.  In fact, the more distractions you place between your work and your reader, the more they tend to lose interest.  Therefore, I wanted to create the easiest and most direct way for authors to reach their readers, yes, but I also knew from studying the successful authors that the key to continuing popularity (i.e., sales) is finding the best way to keep your readers interested in what you have to offer them.

Please note that I am not talking about getting what my wife would call “schlock” in front of readers’ eyes.  The successful indie author is also a publisher.  This means that the product that was produced (the book) has already been professionally edited, prepared, and reviewed by competent parties to demonstrate that it’s a product worthy of marketing, sales and distribution.  We want vetted books that are of superior quality to use our app.  I know these quality books are out there waiting for a sure-fire method of getting in front of readers, and I now have this method.  It is not a gimmick to appeal to an author’s ego.  It is not tomfoolery to trick readers into purchasing something they don’t really want or need.  The Embellisher™ was developed to do one thing:  get an excellent book into the mobile device of the niche audience that wants to read that excellent book.

Shotgun versus Rifle Approaches to Marketing


The key to the Embellisher™ system is reaching the right audience for your book.  This means we use a rifle approach to marketing versus the more expensive and haphazard shotgun approach.  Why spend thousands of dollars on advertising and promotions outside your readers’ target area?  The authors I spoke with knew that this was money going down a rat hole.  What they did to become successful was to reach the readers who wanted to read their books.  This sounds easy, but how was I going to provide the method to do this?  First, the author/publisher must do his homework/footwork by consulting with a professional email list broker.  By “professional” I mean a person who can help an author find the specific audience who reads and enjoys coming back to books that cover a specific field or genre of interest.  The more specific the author/publisher can be with this broker about the topics covered, the better the list of prospective buyers the broker can provide.

For example, one of my clients, a teacher and nurse who also has her Master’s Degree in Business Administration, wanted to sell her course on passing the Nurse Practicum.  She knew her audience would be graduate nurses who were ready to begin their careers, but they had this one important hurdle to jump over before they could be hired.  Therefore, I connected her with a medical professionals list broker who could provide her with the rifled list of graduate nurses who had yet to pass this final test:  the perfect audience for her needs.

We would much rather you spend thousands of dollars building up your mailing list than on any other method of marketing.  In fact, we work carefully with each of our clients to make certain they are getting the most specifically targeted email list for their book’s subject matter or genre.  Why?  Because you can have the most creative book and marketing promotion ever devised, but if you can’t reach your specific audience you will never make that sale.  Period.

Our Publishers Spend Time Creating and Communicating–Not Direct Selling

Before our method of mobile book marketing, authors and publishers relied upon positive book reviews posted on Amazon, relentless social marketing on Goodreads and other websites, as well as book tours (virtual and brick-and-mortar).  Today, with the advent of direct mobile marketing, there is no need to spend the extra time and effort doing these time-intensive tasks.  Besides, we authors always knew that  time spent on creating great subject matter to read was our strongest skill set.

For only $195, publishers can purchase an “all-in-one” tool that can provide the content they need to reach their chosen audience.  We work with our publishers to make certain they have the marketing content ready before they send out their first “email blast” using the purchased rifle list mentioned above.  In addition, our publishers can see how new formats, like ePub3 multimedia content, can draw in new readers.

As a result of the success of our app, we are going to be selling a new version at the BEA .  This version will allow our publishers to provide separate Admin access and private stores to client authors who want to use the app to sell their books.  It will also include a built-in email distribution tool, the PhpList email campaign tool.

Try It, You’ll Like it!

  • Promotional or instructional videos.
  • Direct sales links to where your book is for sale (this can include Amazon or other online distributors).
  • Cool and appropriate music playlists that the reader can choose to play.

Upgrade Your Account and You Can Feature:

  • Interactive “insert story” content.
  • Upload your own published eBook and sell it through our app store (keep 85% of the purchase price).

Vearsa World-Wide Distribution


EMRE Publishing, LLC can distribute all authors’ titles through the world-wide sales and distribution network of Vearsa.com.  “All of our accepted publishers and authors receive exclusive digital sales along with our 85% royalty rate per title,” said CEO Jim Musgrave.

Take a look at the number of retailers included in this distribution.  EMRE markets directly to these retailers on behalf of its authors and publishers.  “Not only do our authors receive world-wide sales of their titles through the conventional channels such as Amazon, Kobo and Barnes and Noble, they also get exposure to niche retailers all over the world,” Musgrave explained.

Effective eBook Marketing Services

Market your multimedia eBooks on EMRE Publishing, LLC and receive 85% royalties.