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Sell Your Digital Books, Goods, and Services Directly to Mobile Customers

Tired of Paying Profits to Amazon and Others?

Get a free website location to join our “slow revolution” toward weaning ourselves off Amazon and all the other online eBook retailers.

What are you currently paying for a website?  If you can give us your domain information, we can point you to a new place to hang your hat.  EMRE Publishing wants you to learn how to gradually get away from giving your profits to Amazon and others.  You can begin by setting up your author online presence here.

Try it out for 30 days.*  A complete website, with WordPress, and a complete (empty) installation of the Embellisher eReader and Store, and (empty) Creator ePub3 Studio,  ready for you to use.  If you like what you have after the free trial, then pay your one-time fee.

*You must have a registered domain to qualify.  Also, you must discuss your goal(s) and business model with the owner, James Musgrave.

Here’s what you’ll get.  Compare it to what you now have and then make a choice:

  • Unlimited storage space for your media.
  • Php-enabled and contains WordPress website creation tools and plugin access.
  • You will have a private domain location and will not share with others.
  • Your site will have the security of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to make your direct sales to customers safe.
  • If you choose to enroll in our ePub3 Creator Studio Plan A, you can do what others have done to gradually “cut the cord” from Amazon.

All we need to move you into your new free location is the domain nameservers from your present host.  Send these namesservers to us and we’ll point them to your new website.  You can save the web pages from your old website and load them inside the new WordPress software we will have loaded inside your new domain presence.

Plan for Your Publishing and Marketing Future

You can keep your free website, and you don’t have to pay us anything for it in the future.  It’s yours to use as you please, with the usual caveats about doing business with unsavory people, sales of pornography, or the solicitation or sale/use of any product that encourages hatred or violence.

However, since we will be using our collective knowledge to attract new visitors, you may want to read on.  The idea we have is to increase your mailing list of followers in order to gradually break free of the middlemen like Amazon who take a lot of your sales profits.  This does not mean you cut them (or any other sales channels you might still have) out of the picture right now.

In fact, our whole concept is to use these channels until you have enough of a following (people on your mailing list) to begin selling directly to them on their mobile devices.  Why?  Because, by the year 2025, seventy-two percent of the world’s population will be doing all of their reading and/or purchasing on their mobile devices.

If you already have at least 100 email followers with whom you directly communicate, then read about our plans:

Optional Plan A

If you want the tools to create, market and sell directly to your list of email readers to their mobile devices, then please pay attention.

EMRE Publishing’s Plan A does the following for you:

  • We install the Embellisher (TM) eReader and Store directly to your new website.  You do nothing but use it on your domain, and it’s yours to keep forever, at no further cost.
  • A complete mobile sales platform that will allow you to sell directly to your customers.
  • One of the safest eBook platforms available to ensure your eBooks won’t get pirated.
  • Stripe Payment System built right into the platform (charges less than Paypal and Apple Pay).
  • A Forum component built into the platform so you can communicate with your clients in private.
  • Upgrade of your ePub3 Creator Studio to Author and Publisher status with full access to extra tutorials and templates.
  • A variety of marketing tutorials to show you how to sell to your clients using the platform’s features.
  • Unique publishing features so you can create ePub3 eBooks and multimedia product home and landing pages.
  • If you need a more tailored look for your business, then we can do that also.
  • A mobile sales platform that will allow you to sell and educate directly to your customers.

Optional Plan B

Some of our clients don’t have access to mailing list campaign software.  Therefore, we have included this optional plan.  It is a great deal because you’ll get to do “cooperative marketing campaigns” with other members who might write in a similar genre and have a mailing list to share which enhances your own.

These cooperative campaigns are the core of our future strategy.  The growth of direct sales to the client, reader and student depends upon growing your mailing list campaigns and the size of your client base.  Therefore, having access to a communal mailing list campaign software that you can use collectively (unlike software like MailChimp), makes your effort work more effectively with a higher return on your investment.

This email campaign software is Php-based, so you can easily use it inside your new website.

Also, you receive a private installation and ownership of the ePub3 Creator Studio.  This means you will have a private resource to allow other publishers and students to use your software.  You can even charge them for using it.

Ready to Begin?

You can begin by establishing your roots on our server with a new, cost-free web presence.  Email me, Jim Musgrave, and give me the login information of your domain host, or (if you can access it) give me the nameservers I can use to set you up with a new website.*

*Note:  Be sure to copy all the html pages from your old site so you can upload them into the WordPress software on your new site.

Read this detailed enhanced eBook to find out more.

Do you already know if you want to start selling your products directly to mobile clients?  Then, visit our payment options page.

New Publishing Paradigm at EMRE Publishing


Enhanced War Stories

Readers and artists will be able to get together by supporting the new method of publication at EMRE Publishing, LLC in San Diego.  Raising funds for its first digital and print anthology, the supporters will be able to help the authors protect their intellectual property and create a new way of enjoying enhanced creative material.

The topic of the first anthology is war.  The title of the anthology is WAR STORIES ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. The method of the artistry will be to create stories that have an element of speculation in each one.  Therefore, they will categorized as fiction, although we will be soliciting stories by authors who have experienced war, whether while in the military or as a civilian living in a war-torn country.  These stories can be in the genres of Science Fiction, Adventure, Mystery, Alternate History, and Fantasy.

Each anthology will be separately financed by raising funds at Indiegogo, so we hope you can join us in this bold new experiment in publishing.



Never Be Ripped-Off By Middlemen Again

I Want to Be Like J. K.

How does a billionaire author sell her digital and audio books?  J. K. Rowling, a pretty smart creator of the legendary Harry Potter series, never sold her digital or audio rights to any mainstream publisher.  That’s right, folks, she’s now doing it all on her own at pottermore.com!

Now you can be one step ahead of J. K. Rowling.  Why?  Because even though she’s selling direct to the reader, and she owns 100% of the digital and audio rights to her property, she’s still allowing the buyers to download her eBooks in the extremely unsecure epub format.  ePub is the major reason why the major book publishers won’t allow libraries to lend their copies to a library patron.

Also, at the recent London Book Fair, a complete presentation on eBook Piracy was given to demonstrate the fact that over $350 million were lost to pirates in a single year.  According to research by Dutch firm GfK, only 10% of all eBooks currently on e-readers, smartphones or tablets is actually paid for. Meanwhile a survey conducted by Book Industry Study Group found that during the Spring 2013 semester, 34% of college students in the United States illegally downloaded course materials from unauthorized websites.

The fact is, the minute you, the publisher/author allows the reader/buyer access to the complete eBook, it can be pirated.  The only way to keep one step ahead of the digital pirates is to make the DRM (Digital Rights Management) system the most secure it can be.

ePub3 in the Year 2017: Will Authors and Readers Enjoy Multimedia?

Mobile Publishing ePub3

Read what indie authors need to know for 2017.

As a publisher and independent author, I’ve established my company to serve fellow indie authors.  I’ve realized (mostly through trial and error) that the best way to publish and distribute an indie title is to do most of the preparation of my work (what publishers call “prepress”) on my own.  This saves you a hell of a lot of up-front costs so you’re free to put most of your money and effort where it counts:  marketing and promotion.

That being said, I also provide authors with https://emrepublishing.com/digital-prepress-services/ editing and prepress services, as well as eBook conversions https://emrepublishing.com/ebook-conversion-services/.  However, most of my business is all about getting the indie author’s titles out there in the hands of readers.  My three services are very reasonably priced, but it’s the way my services allow authors to market directly to their audience that sets my mobile publishing web app apart from the competition.  Instead of forcing my authors to do their publishing through me, as most of the big outfits do, I turn the keys of publishing over to the indie author.  In other words, they get installed on their server my Embellisher mobile publishing system https://emrepublishing.com/downloads/standard-embellisher-tm-mobile-publishing-platform/ (5 years in the making; based on the innovative ePub3 code of the Readium Project) for only $40 (1 year license, $10 for each year thereafter).  This is the best direct marketing tool for indie authors because you can harvest email addresses of your ePub3 eReader installers, and also publish your stuff directly and instantly to them through their mobile device.  You can also use our creator studio https://emrepublishing.com/embellisher-ereader/ to do your development of eBook titles and the marketing of your eBooks (including sales with Stripe Payment Gateway included) directly to your reader.

This method is innovative in that no other system allows an independent author to work independently (on their own website) and to collect 100% of the hard-earned price they affix on their merchandise–their eBooks.  In my opinion, mobile publishing is the future of B2C (business to consumer) eBook publishing, and you can afford $40 to give it a shot, can’t you?  Our installation for the non-branded version of the Embellisher is a do-it-yourself package downloadable from my website after you pay.  If you want our developer to do the installation, it won’t cost you much.

Vearsa ePub3

My other two services are also aimed at indies who can’t get all the advantages of being with a publisher.  I was published by Harcourt-Brace Professional in the 1990s, and my experience with them made me want to become a publisher on my own.  Why?  Besides the fact that I lost out on a ton of royalties, I wanted to put my own marketing touches into the effort and collect the 100% of the price of the book (that I thought I deserved, being the blatant capitalist that I was).  Thus, my second service https://emrepublishing.com/downloads/worldwide-ebook-distribution-vearsa/ is to offer my authors (for $50 each) a chance at distributing their eBooks for sale worldwide through Vearsa https://vearsa.com/.  This isn’t the BookBaby rip-off, where they promise that you’re being sold to 100 retailers, when in fact, if you were being sold through all the outlets they claim are being distributed to, the retailers would be refusing to offer your book for sale in their store, much less give you 86% royalty.  No.  My offer gives authors access to over 1,000 online stores around the world, over 65,000 libraries, and publishing privileges in over 100 countries.

The key is that I give my authors their own “imprint” under my publisher umbrella.  This is like some big publisher saying, “Hey, let me set you up, author, with your own private label and distribution network, and you can fix the price and you can collect most of the royalties (less the retailer’s cut).”  My authors punch in their metadata on the form I give them (a crucial part of eBook marketing!), affix their ISBN, and upload their copy to my Dropbox.  I then upload your metadata form and copy of your eBook (in .pdf, .epub, .epub3, and .mobi) to the Vearsa website, and you get all the advantages of having multiple listing genres (not possible for indie authors on their own–as wise indie authors know from working with places like Amazon KDP), and they can also do eBook sales, targeting of certain book stores (and countries) because I will give them an analytics reading they can use to these kinds of marketing adventures.

The third service I offer is to provide print-on-demand services https://emrepublishing.com/downloads/embellisher-diy-installation-print-demand-sales-option/ through Amazon’s Createspace.  They establish an account there, and I can do all the “heavy lifting” if needed (editing, interior layout, cover design).  However, since most of my authors are professionals, they have already had their work edited and designed, and all they need is some help getting it uploaded properly so they can collect from their marketing of the POD through their Embellisher platform.  I also provide in this package an epub copy of an “Author Tour and Book Launch Template” that can be used inside the Embellisher to do pre-publication marketing to stir-up business directly with your readers.  Without prepress or editing services, this will cost only $55.

So, if you’re ready to do the real work of getting your titles read and purchased by your readers, then you might consider my options.  Why shouldn’t you sell directly to your audience and collect 100% of the royalties?  Don’t you deserve it?

In point of fact, you can now establish a free account https://emrepublishing.com/creator/ inside our ePub3 Creator Studio, and see how it all works from the eBook developer’s angle.  It is my contention that once we have quality ePub3 books out there for our readers to “experience” then their popularity will increase exponentially.  This is especially true for books in the non-fiction arena.  Leadership, education and self-help genres can most benefit from ePub3 formatting.  eBooks now have to contend with augmented and virtual reality technology.  In fact, you can insert VR videos inside your work in our ePub3 Creator Studio.

The tools I would like eBook creators to “play with” are the “insert story” https://vimeo.com/188600846 and other interactive components.  This tool and others are available in the enhanced version of our ePub3 Creator Studio for $40 https://emrepublishing.com/downloads/standard-embellisher-tm-mobile-publishing-platform/.  Our studio even allows a developer to include Javascript, which is the heart of interactivity in the world of eBooks.  In fact, besides our eReader (based on the Readium Project’s eReader) only the Gideon eReader and iPads can view ePub3 eBooks using javascript.  Any content developer will tell you that unless you have javascript, you can’t do the cool things inside your digital book such as forms, pop-ups, animations, and other interactive elements http://ebookarchitects.com/learn-about-ebooks/enhanced-ebooks/.

I would, in fact, suggest that you plan your ePub3 formatted eBook very carefully.  We can provide you with an ePub3 (or standard eBook) designer https://emrepublishing.com/ebook-conversion-services/.  You really need somebody who can work with you to implement the features you want to include inside your innovative publication http://digitalpublishing101.com/digital-publishing-101/production/hiring-ebook-designers/.  I, of course, don’t care if you hire somebody on your own, and you can do that if you talk to the folks who belong to the Readium Project.

As a creator myself, what I’m most concerned with is the fact that non-technical but highly creative folks can see their visions come alive by working with a competent developer.  I worked with my developer for five years in order to create the code for the Embellisher.  We suggest that you can best implement your creativity by partnering with an ePub3 coder who can maximize your ideas on the page for the reader.

Authors with a Following Benefit Most from Mobile Marketing

Followers are Entranced with Mobile Access

We have discovered an interesting phenomenon during our conversions of independent authors to mobile publishing.  When they establish their Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing platform, the list of previous followers they had during their website presence quickly became more dedicated to the author and his/her work once they had an app to go to on their mobile devices.

As a result, we did some research into why this happens, and we came up with a variety of responses from our authors and their readers.  The following are the main reasons given by authors and their followers as to why they became more dedicated to the author and his work after the conversion to mobile publishing:

  • Readers enjoyed the convenience of having the author’s work directly accessed by mobile device.
  • Readers could easily switch mobile devices while reading, keeping the place where they left off in the book they were reading.
  • The author’s brand was clearly recognizable to the reader inside a mobile application.
  • Authors enjoyed having more secure Digital Rights Management than on Amazon.
  • Followers appreciated the fact that most of the money they paid to buy the authors’ books inside the app went to the authors and not to middlemen.
  • Followers became much more active inside the Mobile Forum because it was dedicated exclusively to one author.  Places like Facebook and Goodreads were too big and too distracting.
  • Authors and their followers enjoyed having the instant editing that was available to their books and educational materials.
  • Newsletters and other promotions were sent by PhpList and were more secure and entertaining as a result.
  • Sales increased 30 to 100 percent after converting to mobile publishing because print, conventional eBooks, and enhanced (ePub3 multimedia) eBooks could all be created, marketed and sold inside the one mobile platform.
  • The authors also appreciate the help they receive from the staff at EMRE Publishing.  They are able to get their mobile platform up and running on their web servers in as little as 24 hours from the time they purchase it.  Self-Published authors who have several books in a series benefit most from converting to mobile publishing and marketing.  We hope you can experience the advantages of having all your publishing tasks in a single platform that you can take with you.  The myths about mobile marketing are not true, so visit us today.


    Using the Rifle for Your Book Promotion Job

    Video Training for Using the PhpList eMail Marketing Software

    Instructional Video on How to Rifle-in with an Opt-in Mailing List Program:

    Sample of eMail Promotion Campaign:

    Winner of the International Clue Mystery Awards


    All Books in This Series Selected by the Library Journal’s Self-E Program

  • Do you like short mysteries you can read in one sitting on your mobile device?
  • Do you like the option of having multimedia inside your mobile eReader?
  • Do you want to read the work of an award-winning author?
  • Follow these steps to begin reading the Detective Patrick James O’Malley Historical Steampunk Mysteries by Jim Musgrave:


  • Click here and register to access The Embellisher(TM) eReader.
  • Return to this page and click here to access your free copy of Forevermore, the mystery that begins it all.  Pat O’Malley, a decorated Civil War hero, is living inside Poe’s Cottage in the Bronx.  A vision of his former employer, Edgar Allan Poe, comes to him one stormy night.  O’Malley finds a strange note from Poe’s wife, Elizabeth.  The soldier-turned-detective decides to prove that Poe did not die in Baltimore as a drunk but may have been murdered.
  • If you liked the novella mystery, Forevermore, then you’ll really enjoy the enhanced version.  This ePub3 version includes insightful plot videos, Poe mystery games, and “choose your own plot” interactivity.  You can access the sample of this multimedia version here.
  • The second mystery in the series is Disappearance at Mount Sinai.  The wealthiest man in America is kidnapped in New York, and Det. Pat O’Malley has to track him down.  Access your eBook here.
  • Jane the Grabber brings O’Malley’s girlfriend, Rebecca Charming, to the fore.  Taken in their entirety, these three novels show the progression of Pat O’Malley from common citizen into a sleuth who must confront a time-traveling group that poses a world-wide threat. It is 1868, and one of the most devious and sinister madams in New York City is trying to take-over Rebecca Charming’s brothels.  Access this third novel in your cell phone or other mobile device here.
  • This fourth novel in the series thrusts O’Malley completely into the world of Steampunk.  Steam City Pirates was a Finalist in several international book awards, and it is a completely enhanced eBook.  It has originally created Steampunk music, an accompanying music playlist, and the superb artwork of Aryeh B. Bernabei.  You can view a sample of this multimedia ePub3 book here.

    Join Other Readers inside the Embellisher(TM) Mobile Forum

    If you’ve enjoyed this new experience in portable reading pleasure, please join us to talk about what you liked.  You can access our forum here.

    Finally, sign-up for future newsletters at the EMRE Publishing website.

    How to Create a Short Campaign inside Your PhpList Software:

    Tips for the Erotic Mobile Publisher/Author


    Successful Israeli Author Shares Her Secrets (translated from Hebrew)

    This article will explain how the techniques used by a successful Erotica novelist can be accelerated by using our new Turnkey Edition of the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing App.  Continue reading Tips for the Erotic Mobile Publisher/Author

    Direct Email and Instant Message Marketing is the Key to Reaching Readers

    Finding Your Audience Just Got a Lot Easier


    Book Expo America is the largest annual book trade fair in the United States.  We have chosen that venue to roll-out our flagship application, and I would like to take some time to explain why it is the most innovative and cost-effective way to reach readers that has been devised.  My experience at Caltech taught me that leveraging technology for specific tasks requires a lot of research and development in order to be successful.  After my over 20 years experience as an online professor and instructor, Caltech Management Development Supervisor, and award-winning independent author and publisher, I decided I wanted to develop the best way for authors to get their books in front of their readership.  The result of many years of development is the Embellisher™ “3-in-1” Mobile Creation, Publication and Communication App.

    Separating Gimmicks and Tomfoolery from Results

    I wanted to know why independent authors were making so much headway in sales.  If I could create a way for new authors to reach their audience the way the successful authors did, then my product could be used by publishers to maximize their sales.  Make no mistake.  The key to getting readers has nothing to do with spending the most money on marketing gimmicks.  In fact, the more distractions you place between your work and your reader, the more they tend to lose interest.  Therefore, I wanted to create the easiest and most direct way for authors to reach their readers, yes, but I also knew from studying the successful authors that the key to continuing popularity (i.e., sales) is finding the best way to keep your readers interested in what you have to offer them.

    Please note that I am not talking about getting what my wife would call “schlock” in front of readers’ eyes.  The successful indie author is also a publisher.  This means that the product that was produced (the book) has already been professionally edited, prepared, and reviewed by competent parties to demonstrate that it’s a product worthy of marketing, sales and distribution.  We want vetted books that are of superior quality to use our app.  I know these quality books are out there waiting for a sure-fire method of getting in front of readers, and I now have this method.  It is not a gimmick to appeal to an author’s ego.  It is not tomfoolery to trick readers into purchasing something they don’t really want or need.  The Embellisher™ was developed to do one thing:  get an excellent book into the mobile device of the niche audience that wants to read that excellent book.

    Shotgun versus Rifle Approaches to Marketing


    The key to the Embellisher™ system is reaching the right audience for your book.  This means we use a rifle approach to marketing versus the more expensive and haphazard shotgun approach.  Why spend thousands of dollars on advertising and promotions outside your readers’ target area?  The authors I spoke with knew that this was money going down a rat hole.  What they did to become successful was to reach the readers who wanted to read their books.  This sounds easy, but how was I going to provide the method to do this?  First, the author/publisher must do his homework/footwork by consulting with a professional email list broker.  By “professional” I mean a person who can help an author find the specific audience who reads and enjoys coming back to books that cover a specific field or genre of interest.  The more specific the author/publisher can be with this broker about the topics covered, the better the list of prospective buyers the broker can provide.

    For example, one of my clients, a teacher and nurse who also has her Master’s Degree in Business Administration, wanted to sell her course on passing the Nurse Practicum.  She knew her audience would be graduate nurses who were ready to begin their careers, but they had this one important hurdle to jump over before they could be hired.  Therefore, I connected her with a medical professionals list broker who could provide her with the rifled list of graduate nurses who had yet to pass this final test:  the perfect audience for her needs.

    We would much rather you spend thousands of dollars building up your mailing list than on any other method of marketing.  In fact, we work carefully with each of our clients to make certain they are getting the most specifically targeted email list for their book’s subject matter or genre.  Why?  Because you can have the most creative book and marketing promotion ever devised, but if you can’t reach your specific audience you will never make that sale.  Period.

    Our Publishers Spend Time Creating and Communicating–Not Direct Selling

    Before our method of mobile book marketing, authors and publishers relied upon positive book reviews posted on Amazon, relentless social marketing on Goodreads and other websites, as well as book tours (virtual and brick-and-mortar).  Today, with the advent of direct mobile marketing, there is no need to spend the extra time and effort doing these time-intensive tasks.  Besides, we authors always knew that  time spent on creating great subject matter to read was our strongest skill set.

    For only $195, publishers can purchase an “all-in-one” tool that can provide the content they need to reach their chosen audience.  We work with our publishers to make certain they have the marketing content ready before they send out their first “email blast” using the purchased rifle list mentioned above.  In addition, our publishers can see how new formats, like ePub3 multimedia content, can draw in new readers.

    As a result of the success of our app, we are going to be selling a new version at the BEA .  This version will allow our publishers to provide separate Admin access and private stores to client authors who want to use the app to sell their books.  It will also include a built-in email distribution tool, the PhpList email campaign tool.

    Try It, You’ll Like it!

    • Promotional or instructional videos.
    • Direct sales links to where your book is for sale (this can include Amazon or other online distributors).
    • Cool and appropriate music playlists that the reader can choose to play.

    Upgrade Your Account and You Can Feature:

    • Interactive “insert story” content.
    • Upload your own published eBook and sell it through our app store (keep 85% of the purchase price).

    New Additions to Embellisher

    Want to Be Your Own Mobile Oyster or Scribd?



    One of the newest additions to the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing and Marketing System is a way to charge one price for unlimited reading of your titles.  Yes, just the way Scribd and Amazon are doing it.  As the owner of the self-install of our flagship product, you’ll be able to sell multimedia , conventional, newspapers, magazines or even audiobooks for a single price, with a click of a button.  It’s built right inside the Administration back-end of your system, and you can designate which users you want to become part of this sales extravaganza.  The reader simply needs to pay for this feature, and then you designate her as getting all eBooks for free.  Imagine all the readers you’ll get inside the eReader once they know you charge a single price for all they can read!

    The advantage of your selling using the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing and Marketing System is that you’ll be able to sell to niche audiences that want to read a lot of books in a certain genre.  Just follow our Five Step Plan, and you’ll soon have readers signing up for your titles.

    Download in Three Formats

    We have also added two other versions of downloads for those Administrators who want to save their creations in .mobi or .pdf. digital formats.  Of course, the only version that can be read completely (all videos and playlists) inside our Embellisher™ eReader is the .epub3 format.  Therefore, one should not try to save an eBook that is created with video or with a music playlist in .pdf or .mobi, because it will not be readable (or sellable) inside any other eReader.  Of course, if you create a conventional eBook (without multimedia), you’ll be able to download and sell it using the .mobi (Amazon Kindle) or .epub (Apple iBooks) formats.  This is important to the author who wants to deliver in these formats to add to her profits.

    Sell Your Print on Demand Titles


    We know that readers are still buying more print copies of books, so we have made it easy to sell your books inside our system.  For example, if you sell a print-on-demand copy of your title, you can create an interactive promotional eBook with a video book trailer, an interview with you, and a sampling of the book, right inside your creation.  What makes this a great way to sell print titles is the fact that all the reader needs to do is open the app in his Smartphone or tablet, push a “buy button,” and she will automatically be given the interface at your print store at Createspace or wherever you have your print copies printed.  Here’s the link to our CEO’s fourth mystery, Steam City Pirates.  You would use that URL and simply insert it as a link whenever the user clicks on your “purchase button” inside the promotional eBook you’ve created inside the ePub3 Creator Studio.

    Authors and publishers are buying our sale-priced self-install of the system before it goes back up in price.  You can download and install it for the price of $500, until May 31, 2015, which includes the complete eReader and ePub3 Creator Studio, as well as the full Administrative controls of the store and user interfaces.